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Painted Polkadot Balloons

Two things we can’t get enough of in our house are polka dots and balloons. Bring these two loves together and create festive polka dot balloons for New Years. The painted balloons are great for getting the kids involved. They are easy to paint and will bring sparkle and spunk to your winter celebrations.

If you’re using helium to make the painted balloons, wait to blow them up until right before you start the project. Using a round foam brush in any size, dip into an acrylic paint and tap off excess. For a metallic touch, dip the brush into a small amount of glitter paint.

Hold the balloon in your left hand, with the top of the balloon resting on your knee, and gently press the brush onto the balloon. Before you lift the brush, twist slightly to provide more even coverage (credit Brian at dhead inc). Repeat all over the balloon, turning it with your left hand as you go. Tie balloon to a chair and let dry for about 20 minutes.

Project by Paige and Disney for A Subtle Revelry, The Holiday Issue.


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