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paper bag flower baskets

paper bag flower baskets

As we near the beginning of summer there are many teachers, ballet instructors and such that need a hearty thanks for their hard work all year. The kids helped me put together these paper bag flower baskets to hand out. I also brought one as a hostess gift last night and it was very happily received.

To make the paper bag flower baskets you will need one brown paper bag per basket (we obviously frequent Trader Joes). Cut the bag down both sides so a long center part remains. Then cut the bag in half and you will be left with two vertical strips.

In the center square, glue one one strip on top of the other. Then begin rolling in the sides. Glue into place and flip the entire piece over. Once all the sides are rolled in, glue (or stitch for extra charm) the four sides together near the top of the basket. Punch a hole on two sides and string with ribbon or embroidery thread. Fill with plantable flowers and top with a “thank you” stick.

PS. Printable thank you notes.

  1. chelsea

    15 May

    oliver’s face is SO so precious.

    • Victoria

      15 May

      Thanks Chels… He had also just stuck his head in the pool before I could snap the camera, hence the wet front hair:)

  2. Natalie

    15 May

    Love this, especially since you only need one material to create it!

  3. Erin

    16 May

    Love this idea! Discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, and have enjoyed it each day since!

  4. so great! such a funky yet green way to display pretty flowers :)

  5. Liz

    16 May

    So so fun! I love this idea.

  6. Christi

    16 May

    I love this idea! So cute!

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