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Paper Floral Headpiece

I’m planning my first-ever sports celebration because I finally found a sport where serving frilly drinks and sweet cakes is completely appropriate.

YAY, Tennis!

With Wimbledon coming up in just a couple days, I’ve started contemplating what to wear for the viewing party. A frilly paper floral headpiece seems the best option to accompany our Prosecco Pimm’s Cups and Strawberry & Cream cake. The headpiece is prim & proper and everything traditional British fashion to adores.

Since the players mandated uniforms of all white, many of the event’s guests also play along, wearing outfits of breezy summer fabrics in light colors, with glamorous accessories to boot.Β This frilly paper headpiece will be perfect to go along with my all-white outfit, which includes this shirt and a buttoned white skirt.

Paper Floral Headpiece

Paper Floral Headpiece

To make the paper flower headpiece you will need:

  • 3 shades of a pastel tissue paper
  • 1 headband
  • Glue gun and scissors
  • Optional frilly details like a white feather and pink paper flower.

1.Cut the tissue paper into circles

2. Using the glue gun, combine the circles together, gluing every other one on the center and then on the outside rim to create the textured flower look. Glue the feather and other details between the layers and on top. The higher the better to make this prim & proper headpiece really stand out.

3. Glue the flower directly onto the headband and allow to fully dry before placing on head.

Paper Floral Headpiece

The hats are so simple to make that even the kids can join in. They’ll be a great party craft to create while watching the matches or to make ahead of time for all the guests to enjoy while we sip and savor my new favorite sport.

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