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Paper pinwheels

I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend! I wanted to see something happy today and pulled out my old love for paper accordions to make a colorful bunch of pinwheels. They are bright and just the perfect way to lift any sort of winter blue.

Placed on top of a simple cake they look a bit like fireworks bursting into color. A nice touch for President’s Day or any other day in need of a little spark.

To make the paper pinwheels: Cut a colorful paper into 4-6 inch squares. Each pinwheel will take three squares. Use the accordion fold method to create small paper accordions, then fold each in half. Using a glue gun – connect three of the papers together and fan into place. Remove any excess glue and attach to a simple kitchen skewer to use for topping treats of all kinds.

Photography done in collaboration withΒ Pictiliosee more here.

  1. nicole

    19 February

    A simple but great idea!

    Lovely Idea

  2. […] buck and make a set of pumpkin pie & pinwheel balloons. You can even take the theme further by topping drinks with pinwheels, making pie lattices for over the coffee and creating paper pie boxes for bringing home leftovers. […]

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