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Paper stars- a tutorial

I have been so blessed by your words of encouragement this week, thanks for being amazing!

To make snow for the Christmas in July shoot I used white paper stars, they looked just perfect strung from a tree above our table. 

You can purchase the stars here in many different sizes and colors. Their creator Lisa has been so sweet to share her tutorial- so that you can make them for your own events, YAY!

Make your own paper stars:

  • Take 4 strips of paper equal in length. Fold each in half and weave centers together creating 4 double strips of ‘tails’.
  • Take 1 strip per ‘tail’ and fold across center weave. Tuck the 4th tail under the first one.
  • Fold 4 tails diagonally.
  • Flip star over; fold each diagonally folded tail downward.

  • Fold each downward folded tail onto itself creating a point.  Tuck each point into the top layer of center weave.

  • Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to remaining 3 folded tails.
  • Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 to remaining 4 straight tails.
  • To create top and bottom points, fold each tail towards the right and tuck into the frontward tail.
  • When you have done this 8 times, your star will have 8 tails that will need to be trimmed.

  • Trim each tail and your star is complete!

PS. Find more Christmas DIY crafts right here.


  1. Jessica

    29 July

    these are so cool! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  2. Jamie

    30 July

    LOVE these. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I tried making them before from ribbon and that was a disaster. Might try again in paper for Christmas.

  3. FawnDear

    31 July

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I made a bunch years ago from kits I got while visiting Denmark. But sadly I lost the instructions. I’m so glad you shared this because I’ve been wanting to make some more.

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  5. Michelle

    27 August

    I think these stars are beautiful! The only thing is I’m having trouble with getting the last 8 points to look right ( the ones on the top and bottom). I’m following your pictures but I just can’t seem to get them to slant like that! >.< Help please?

    • Andrea

      13 November

      I have been struggling to get the last 8 points as well, this tutorial seems to not give enough information. I have been working at it for a couple of hours.

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  8. Linda

    11 February

    Just a word of thanks for this pattern. I have been looking for these stars to make for several years now. Thanks seems so trivial compared to how much they mean to me. Again Thanks! ! ! ! !

  9. Rose

    21 February

    Maybe it’s too late for me to be working on this… but I gave it a go three times, and I just can’t seem to make it work. I keep getting stuck on step four and what the word “downward” neans.

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  11. Shar Hoffman

    19 November

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. When I was a young girl my German grandmother and I used to make these out of used Christmas wrap and dip them in parrafin and sprinkle with glitter when we were finished. We had such fun making them for the following year to hang on the tree. My grandmother is long gone now but would be happy to know this idea can be passed on to the next generation. I have looked for the instructions many times and am happy to have found them.

  12. Judy

    19 October

    where do you find the paper strips?

  13. Ruth

    25 June

    It was too difficult…. i got stuck in step 4 — :( What does fold downward mean??

    I wish there were more pix with every step.

  14. Andrea

    13 November

    This is a super frustrating tutorial. I have found a youtube link that is a video of the same star. When googling these search for German paper stars…

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