To make snow for the Christmas in July shoot I used white paper origami star, they looked just perfect strung from a tree above our table.

Origami stars

You can purchase the origami star here in many different sizes and colors. Their creator Lisa has been so sweet to share her tutorial for creating your own white origami star at home – so that you can make them for your own events, YAY!

Creating stars and other fun things out of paper has become wildly popular and we love getting on board with the idea using our simple origami folds. A bit of cutting and folding is all you ned to create these pretty stars, sprinkle a little glitter on each one for a festive holiday display and a fun paper craft at home.

Make your own paper origami star

paper origami stars

1. To make the origami star, start by taking 4 strips of paper equal in length. Fold each in half and weave centers together creating 4 double strips of ‘tails’.

2. Take 1 strip per ‘tail’ and fold across center weave. Tuck the 4th tail under the first one.

3. Fold 4 tails diagonally.

4. Flip star over; fold each diagonally folded tail downward.

How to make an origami star

5. Fold each downward folded tail onto itself creating a point.  Tuck each point into the top layer of center weave.

easy origami star instructions

6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to remaining 3 folded tails.

7. Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 to remaining 4 straight tails.

8. To create top and bottom points, fold each tail towards the right and tuck into the frontward tail.

9. When you have done this 8 times, your origami star will have 8 tails that will need to be trimmed.

10. Trim each tail and your paper star is complete!

We used a simple paper craft idea to create these shamrock origami fans for St. Patties Day and these fun milk carton lanterns. And folding paper in even an easier way creates a gorgeous light display.

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