Party #3- Secret spy agent

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Our third party finalist submitted by Lisa from Moore Minutes – she recently hosted a Secret Agent Spy party for her son’s birthday. I had no idea a secret spy party could be so elaborately wonderful, what a lucky little boy she has.

Starting off her theme the invitations were sent in manila envelopes with a “top secret” stamp on the front. Inside there was a message to decode in order to find out the party details.

The desert bar was set up with super lively colors to make the crime scene youth friendly. The food selection included adorable baby-bombs, a large bomb birthday cake, a tray of mystery bars and a plentiful supply of colorful candy. Lisa used crime scene tape, play bullets and top secret labels to pull everything together.

At party entrance each of the boys was given an agent badge and fingerprinted for security. The boys also received agent glasses, compasses and detective bands as favors.

Chalk drawn footprints lead up to the party entrance and after eating the boys followed them out as they were sent on their “secret mission”. They scurried through the neighborhood finding clues to solve the crime of the stolen birthday present. The boys had to overcome obstacles, make it through a laser maze, and they were even attacked by bad guys (aka. dads with water guns) during their journey. Thankfully, they solved the crime and found the birthday bike along with their favor bags hoisted up in a tree.

Although this elaborate adventure had a few party planning kinks along the way, it looks like an amazing day for a 9 year old little boy.

Thanks for sharing with us Lisa. Vote by commenting below if you would like Lisa to win the challenge.


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