Party #3- Secret spy agent • A Subtle Revelry

Party #3- Secret spy agent

Remember to read the Imperfect Party Challenge voting rules here if you haven’t seen them yet.

Our third party finalist submitted by Lisa from Moore Minutes – she recently hosted a Secret Agent Spy party for her son’s birthday. I had no idea a secret spy party could be so elaborately wonderful, what a lucky little boy she has.

Starting off her theme the invitations were sent in manila envelopes with a “top secret” stamp on the front. Inside there was a message to decode in order to find out the party details.

The desert bar was set up with super lively colors to make the crime scene youth friendly. The food selection included adorable baby-bombs, a large bomb birthday cake, a tray of mystery bars and a plentiful supply of colorful candy. Lisa used crime scene tape, play bullets and top secret labels to pull everything together.

At party entrance each of the boys was given an agent badge and fingerprinted for security. The boys also received agent glasses, compasses and detective bands as favors.

Chalk drawn footprints lead up to the party entrance and after eating the boys followed them out as they were sent on their “secret mission”. They scurried through the neighborhood finding clues to solve the crime of the stolen birthday present. The boys had to overcome obstacles, make it through a laser maze, and they were even attacked by bad guys (aka. dads with water guns) during their journey. Thankfully, they solved the crime and found the birthday bike along with their favor bags hoisted up in a tree.

Although this elaborate adventure had a few party planning kinks along the way, it looks like an amazing day for a 9 year old little boy.

Thanks for sharing with us Lisa. Vote by commenting below if you would like Lisa to win the challenge.



  1. Lisa

    16 March

    Thank you Vicky for this highlight and opportunity! I am excited about it. :)

  2. Jill

    16 March

    Love this idea! So creative and fun.

  3. Larry

    16 March

    Good party for boys. Congrats on the write up.

  4. Kirsty

    16 March

    I absolutely love every detail of this party. A true memory maker which celebrates the magic of childhood in every way! All the little details are so delightful and clever.

  5. Happy Nester

    16 March

    I love this idea! Clever and cute!

  6. Ginny

    16 March

    Great idea for a birthday party!!!

  7. Chris

    16 March

    This party was awesome! It went off without a hitch and Skyler had the best 9 year old birthday ever!. Good Job Lisa.

  8. Julie Carothers

    16 March

    You’re very Gifted Lisa…and the best thing about your parties is that they are given in LOVE!

  9. Moxie

    16 March

    I have three young boys and this party idea seriously ROCKS! How FUN!!
    (Girls would like it too)

  10. Such a cool party. Lisa always pays attention to every little detail. By far one of the most creative parties I have seen! Good luck!

  11. Leanne

    16 March

    This is the best boy party ever. What little boy doesn’t want to be a secret agent.

  12. Brandi

    16 March

    I love Lisa and everything she does.. shes so creative and puts love into everything she does!!! xoxo. Lisa, you better share this anthro $$ with me. hehe.

  13. lisa

    16 March

    I think that is such a great idea & a unique fun party! Lisa is so so creative!

  14. Dana Eddy

    16 March


    This is an absolutely awesome spread and very creative idea from the average kids parties. Especially when you are throwing a part for a 9 year old boy!!!! Really gave me some creative ideas of my own and helps to see “thinking out of the box” ideas! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with me!

    Dana :)

  15. Dawn Melton

    16 March

    SUPER great idea! What a great mom and party planner you are!

  16. Rachel

    16 March

    Love the loot hidden up in the tree! That effort looks like it was totally worth it. Great party!

  17. lynn

    16 March

    This looks like the coolest party ever! Absolutely perfect for a boy.

  18. Patty Poorten

    16 March

    What a fun party! I plan to copy the idea someday for one of my grandkids!!! Thank you for sharing Lisa! :)

  19. Janine

    16 March

    This party exemplifies boyhood charm, mystery, and fun. What a creative idea for an unforgettable birthday party. Love the details for all the “secret agents” involved.

  20. Emily

    16 March

    This party is so creative :) Love it!!!

  21. Jessica

    16 March

    What great ideas, presentation and execution! I can’t wait to see what you do for the 10th birthday!

  22. Emily

    16 March

    This is such an awesome idea! I LOVE it and I can’t wait until my son is old enough for this kind of thing!

  23. Hannah

    16 March

    Fabulous party! I’d expect no less from Lisa. When I have kids of my own, I’ll be asking her for help! :)

  24. Sandi Leonard

    16 March

    Love this party idea. Great stuff.

  25. Jen

    16 March

    I think this party idea is adorable, and so different. The invitations are my absolute favorite part!

  26. Kathy Neisess

    16 March

    Wow Lisa, this party is the ‚Äö?Ñ??bomb‚Äö?Ñ?¥! How fun! It may be perfect for the boys, but I know my daughter would LOVE having a Secret Spy Agent Party. Thanks for the idea. Good luck trying to top it ;-)

  27. Jami Swain

    16 March

    Love this idea! The planning and details are amazing! Seems like Lisa was meant to have little boys! I couldn’t imagine pulling off a party like this! And it all looks like it was done with love and care :)

    Awesome Lisa!


  28. Louise

    16 March

    Hey Lisa, you so awwsome. That party look like so much fun!

  29. Kelly Brumley

    16 March

    Wow, that looks like a seriously awesome party for the kids! Love it!

  30. Kari

    16 March

    Great idea!

  31. Melissa Callow~

    16 March

    Lisa you are so creative! Love your attention to details.What a wonderful party for Skyler!

  32. Ruth Ann

    16 March

    Lisa, you are so creative and amazing. I’m so impressed!

  33. Becca

    16 March

    That looks like an amazing birthday party for a nine year old boy!!

  34. Shelley

    16 March

    Wow…that is amazing. I will have to ask for your help next year!

  35. Dorey

    16 March

    Love it! Lisa is one creative girl. =0)

  36. Kelly

    16 March

    Lisa! You are amazing!!

  37. LOVE this party idea!!!

  38. sonya

    16 March

    can i hire you to do my kids’ parties from now on?! fantastic!

  39. Martha

    16 March

    What a great party — what young boy wouldn’t just love this!

  40. Kristen

    16 March

    Love this idea. Looks like the boys enjoyed it so much and I bet that was an amazing feeling for Lisa. This is an ideal birthday party for any 9 year old boy!

  41. Codi Barley

    16 March

    LOVE this party! So creative! Lisa you are extremely talented! :)

  42. Michelle

    16 March

    Lisa is amazing in everything she does, especially making the people around her know they are loved and I am positive Skyler knew he was loved this day!!

  43. Suzanne

    16 March

    WOW! I’m totally doing this for my next party. Considering I have 4 boys and possibly another on the way! Great job. The creative outlet for the kids is BRILLIANT! :) Love the bomb cake and the decoder idea!

  44. Kyle

    16 March

    Wow, looks like a lit of work…Good job!

  45. Cheri

    16 March

    Just amazing! Love every detail!

  46. SallyG

    16 March

    Lisa..This is amazing! I love it!!

  47. Tashia

    16 March

    Lisa is very talented and very imaginative..

  48. Nancy

    16 March

    Such a cool idea! Any boy would absolutely love this party!

  49. Katie

    16 March

    How neat! I definitely think that girls would like this too :)

  50. Mystica

    16 March

    What creativity and talent and most importantly the patience to put it all together so beautifully.

  51. stephanie

    16 March

    loved the ideas! awesome!

  52. Chrissy

    16 March

    Love love love this idea!!

  53. Courtney

    16 March

    So awesome!!!

  54. clueless Mama

    16 March

    Lisa is one of the most talented people I have ever known. She comes up with the best ideas! I wish I had half of her creativity:) Good luck Lisa.

  55. Jodi

    16 March

    My son would have loved this as a party theme when he was little…heck he’s big now and he’d still love it : )

  56. Aimee

    16 March

    What a great idea! My kids would LOVE it!!!

  57. Kelly

    16 March

    This is such a cool idea. The invitations and cake are my favorite little touches!

  58. Nattiel

    16 March

    This is a great idea… i wish i could be this creative but i just didnt get that bone in my body.

  59. Tootsie

    16 March

    what great ideas !!! I love love love it too!!!

  60. Tootsie

    16 March

    it sounds like a wonderful fun time! I might have to use this…hope you don’t mind…
    how do you think of these things?

  61. Lisa Shatzer

    16 March

    I think a secret agent party is an awesome idea! I know my boys would love it!!

  62. Cheri Peoples

    16 March

    Lisa is so creative and fun and a wonderful Momma. I think she should WIN hands down. She does a wonderful job in every projects she does because she puts her heart into it and you can feel the love in the projects she does for her family. GO LISA!!!
    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  63. Toni Roberts

    16 March

    Lisa did a FAB job on this spy party. The secret spy party is such a perfect theme for boys – the adorable invitations, the bomb cake, laser maze, etc.. It looks so fun I want this party : )

  64. Sarah

    16 March

    What a great party! Spy kids across the world…unite! :)

  65. I thought this was one of the most creative parties I have seen in a long time. Loved it!

  66. jenjen

    16 March

    Wow – what an amazing party. I love all of the details. Those donuts that look like bombs are so cute. What a great party!!!


  67. JD

    16 March

    Lisa, it sounds like a fantastic party for a wonderful little boy. Your little guys are very precious and I know you strive to do and to be the very best for them. What lucky parents you are. Your talents are awesome and you seem to make great things happen. Keep it up!

  68. Lisa gets my vote!

  69. Rene

    17 March

    My boys would love this!!

  70. Kathleen Grace

    17 March

    What a great idea for a boys party, even some girls would love this!

  71. Great ideas!

  72. Wow! Lisa, this looks like great fun, well done!!!

  73. Leslie Rodriguez

    17 March

    Very creative and fun! You can tell there was a lot of thought and planning that went into such an exciting theme. Great job!

  74. MamaHall

    17 March

    I think it’s brilliant! I can her the Mission Impossible theme song in my head! What a fun party and what a lucky birthday boy :) Great idea!

  75. Konstance Oliver

    17 March

    Lisa you rock! This type of party is right up my boys alley.

  76. tracey

    17 March

    Lisa’s idea is awesome!!! My son would LOVE to have a party like this! Too fun!!!

    :) T

  77. These are such fantastic ideas. I love the party invitations and the secret agent badges are very neat. It is so hard to find great ideas for boys birthday parties but this one sure hit the nail on the head. Great Job, Lisa!

  78. HoityToityBABY

    17 March

    Lisa is amazing! I’ve followed her blog for a while and she amazes me at every turn!

  79. Very creative ideas! Another vote for Lisa.

  80. Gina

    17 March

    Awesome-what a fun party! And I love how the dads got in on the action!

  81. Lisa is amazing and this party is such a fun idea! I don’t have boys but can’t wait to throw a party for my nephew when he gets a little older! :)

  82. Donna Santoy

    17 March

    So clever….looks like tons of fun.

  83. Jenny Matlock

    17 March

    Wow! This is an amazing party. Lisa is definitely the winner in my book!

  84. Bei Bambini

    17 March

    This is such a creative idea!!!! The attention to detail (like fingerprinting) is too cute!! A GREAT idea for kids party!!!

  85. Genny

    17 March

    Awesome party! I especially love the finger-printing! :)

  86. Lynn

    17 March

    Such a clever party idea! I’ll bet the kids will remember for a long time!!

  87. Sarah Matrisciano

    17 March

    The party was amazing!! What am imagination you have Lisa!

  88. Tracey

    17 March

    This is one of the neatest themes I’ve seen and Lisa executed it perfectly!

  89. As soon as I saw Lisa’s party idea, I knew it was one to be filed in my mind for future use! All of her ideas look so fun, and {someday} I just may have to throw a Secret Angent Party of my own – Lisa has my vote!

  90. Kate

    17 March

    I have been an event planner for eighteen years and was completely and utterly impressed with Lisa’s Spy Party. Her attention to detail and creativity is what really captured my eye. A very talented lady indeed

  91. Rikki

    17 March

    It looked awesome Lisa!

  92. Mandy

    17 March

    what a fun party! My girls would go crazy over this. I also love how the dads got involved. Way to go!

  93. mom2fur

    17 March

    That is one of the most clever and cute party ideas I’ve ever seen! The kids must have had an amazing time!

  94. What a cool party! :)

  95. Carrie

    17 March

    great job I love it all :D


  96. Best. birthday. ever.

    Seriously, that is sooo creative, and I LOVE the games, and the cake, and the invitations, and pretty much all of it. :P Even as a little girly-girl, I would have loved this as a child.

  97. Paula

    17 March

    How fun is this idea?!

  98. Kristin

    17 March

    Lisa always has the BEST ideas. Her munchkins are so lucky to have such a creative mama!

  99. Ashley

    17 March

    This is super cute!! I will have to keep this in mind for a future party theme.

  100. Anna Jenk

    17 March

    Love this idea- she is a winner!

  101. Tiffany H

    17 March

    Super fun idea! Love it!

  102. Priscila

    17 March

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh this has got to be the cutest and most creative idea I have ever seen!!! This is something I will have to do in the future!!! So amazing!

  103. Clover

    17 March

    Very creative!

  104. Shari

    17 March

    Absolutely Awesome Party!!!

  105. Tanya

    17 March

    That is such an awesome party idea!! Love it!! Lisa is so creative on everything she does! Her boys are lucky they have such a wonderful mother!

  106. jenin

    17 March

    Great theme!

  107. Paula

    17 March

    What an adorable party!! Very creative Lisa:)

  108. laurie

    17 March

    WOW! What a fabulous party. I just adore that Kaboom ball.

  109. TidyMom

    17 March

    LOVE it!!
    Lisa did an amazing job!! I wish my kids were still young enough for a party like this!…….I’m sure I would get the BEST MOM award! lol

  110. FM

    17 March

    What wonderful ideas! And what a very lucky little boy to have such a creative mom to pull off this fabulous birthday party. Loved the fingerprint idea and the bike up the tree. Awesome.

  111. Very cool idea! The theme played out so well!

  112. Sue

    17 March

    Love this originality!

  113. Melissa Miller

    17 March

    The spy party theme is perfection! Just so beautiful yet fun at the same time. Wonderful job Lisa! :)

  114. Tracy

    17 March

    Great idea. I did something similar but not near as creative or well done. You went all the way with it. Cool mom!

  115. Kristen Lingana

    17 March

    What an AWESOME idea! You’re soooo creative and you always do a fantastic job planning any event.

  116. Michelle

    17 March

    This looks great! I hope you win Lisa!

  117. I love this party, especially the fingerprint idea. What a greaet party!!
    Great job, Lisa!!


  118. What an awesome idea!

  119. i love this party and featured it on my blog too! :)

  120. What a cool idea! Hanging the bike from a tree took it over the top. I be he’ll remember that birthday for the rest of his life. He’ll be 90 years old and will still talk about his cool parents. Great job!

  121. Tausha

    17 March

    I love this! Great creativity! What a great mom!!

  122. Jamie

    17 March

    I remember when Lisa posted about her Secret Agent party and thinking…”Wow this girl is super creative!” That’s a party I would like to go to!

  123. Becky

    17 March

    OM goodness-this is so fun–my boys would have been crazy for this!

  124. barbara jean

    17 March

    This party looks like sooo much fun. I can see a lot of planning went into it to make this a special day for her son. I love the whole detective theme. So perfect for a group of boys.

    Great job Lisa!!

    Barbara Jean

  125. Lindy

    17 March

    What a cool cake!

  126. Larry

    17 March

    Lisa, good job. I’m proud of you.

  127. Sarah

    17 March

    This is so cool! I hope my daughter will like things like this when she’s a bit older.

  128. Dorey

    17 March

    LOVE IT! Lisa is one creative gal! ;0)

  129. Jane

    17 March

    What a creative and fun idea! I know the boys (both big and small) had a ball. Lisa, you have a wonderful imagination!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  130. Someday Crafts

    18 March

    This sound awesome! My kids would love this!

  131. Christine

    18 March

    Great Party idea and sounds fun.

  132. My daughter wants to have a scavenger hunt BD party soon. This has got my wheels turning, thanks TCC and Lisa @ Moore Minutes.

  133. How creative! What an awesome birthday party!

    Mary Ellen

  134. This is the best idea I have heard of for a boys party. So much fun and the invitations were just wonderful too. I know all the children had a wonderful time and loved every minute of it. What a great theme. The dessert bar looked yummy too. Great ideas. Marty

  135. G and G Burgess

    18 March

    My vote is on this one. Very creative.

  136. Sheri

    18 March

    What a fun day! I bet all of those kids are begging their moms for a fun party like that one now!

  137. Renee

    18 March

    I was at this party and enjoyed it very much! It was a lively time.

  138. Mariah

    18 March

    What a great party idea, it looks like so much fun. Love the invitations, finger print badges and the scavenger hunt…super creative.


  139. Wow! Great ideas.

  140. If anyone knows how to plan a creative and fun party – it’s Lisa! Love her ideas!


  141. Annikke

    18 March

    What a super fun party! Love the “bomb” desserts!

  142. Layla

    18 March

    Lisa really knows how to rock a party!!!

    Layla :-)

  143. Dani

    18 March

    O my Gosh! What a great idea! How much fun!!! I’m 23 and think it’d be fun to attend this party! What a great mom for putting so much work into a birthday party!!!

  144. Darla

    18 March

    I so remember when Lisa posted this party … I still think it is the most exciting party for a little boy!! Actually my girls would love it too!

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