Party #6- nautical first birthday

Welcome to the last day of our Imperfect Party Challenge finals. It has been a blessing for me to share with you these six amazing parties. Keep voting throughout the week, rules for voting can be found HERE. Friday I will announce the winner and have a bit of extra inspiration for you from other party entries.

I am thrilled to present to you finalist number six. Jennifer who hosted a nautical themed first birthday party for her son. The inspiration for this party came from her baby’s favorite snuggle blanket which is just too, too sweet. It was an incredibly lovely party.

One of my favorite things about this party is Jennifer’s use of overhead space. Having two toddlers I understand how grabbing hands can quickly alter your party plans. Hanging decorations is a great way to get around the issue. She hung bunting, the adorable favor cones and a bouy welcoming her guests. There is also a line of sailboat hats hung which the kids later decorated with ribbon and buttons.

The table centerpieces were tin ponds with hand painted sailboats “floating” on tissue water.

A¬¨‚Ć bright red cupcake tower with sail boat flags carries on the party’s cheery nautical theme.

A bucket of notes left by friends and family for her son to read when he gets older was set at the entrance table. A note above said “Say Ahoy to our very good boy”. What a special birthday idea to have notes written every year to your child by loved ones to read as he grows up.

A homemade sailboat was the center play piece of the party. It was made from cardboard and there were also fishing rods made from dowels for the kids to pretend to fish with.

Jennifer shared that the kids had such a fun time in the boat she had to “stop untape and re-glue parts of it” before the party ended.

Thanks for sharing with us Jennifer. Vote by commenting below if you would like Jennifer to win the challenge.


PS. tomorrow a baby bird shower sneak-peak.

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