Party #6- nautical first birthday

Welcome to the last day of our Imperfect Party Challenge finals. It has been a blessing for me to share with you these six amazing parties. Keep voting throughout the week, rules for voting can be found HERE. Friday I will announce the winner and have a bit of extra inspiration for you from other party entries.

I am thrilled to present to you finalist number six. Jennifer who hosted a nautical themed first birthday party for her son. The inspiration for this party came from her baby’s favorite snuggle blanket which is just too, too sweet. It was an incredibly lovely party.

One of my favorite things about this party is Jennifer’s use of overhead space. Having two toddlers I understand how grabbing hands can quickly alter your party plans. Hanging decorations is a great way to get around the issue. She hung bunting, the adorable favor cones and a bouy welcoming her guests. There is also a line of sailboat hats hung which the kids later decorated with ribbon and buttons.

The table centerpieces were tin ponds with hand painted sailboats “floating” on tissue water.

A¬¨‚Ć bright red cupcake tower with sail boat flags carries on the party’s cheery nautical theme.

A bucket of notes left by friends and family for her son to read when he gets older was set at the entrance table. A note above said “Say Ahoy to our very good boy”. What a special birthday idea to have notes written every year to your child by loved ones to read as he grows up.

A homemade sailboat was the center play piece of the party. It was made from cardboard and there were also fishing rods made from dowels for the kids to pretend to fish with.

Jennifer shared that the kids had such a fun time in the boat she had to “stop untape and re-glue parts of it” before the party ended.

Thanks for sharing with us Jennifer. Vote by commenting below if you would like Jennifer to win the challenge.


PS. tomorrow a baby bird shower sneak-peak.

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Posted March 17, 2010
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72 Responses to “Party #6- nautical first birthday”

  1. Tiffany says:

    I am definitely voting for the nautical first birthday party! I have never seen one quite like it and think that it is perfection! Love every little detail and the thoughtfulness behind it!

    I hope she wins!!!

  2. I love the way she carried the theme through with so many little details! An adorable party from a very creative lady.

  3. Kim says:

    Vote! This is so adorable. I also love the note idea – I might steal it for my daughters’ 2nd bday coming up!

  4. Sonya says:

    Jennifer is one of the most creatively driven chicks I know! Love her! Love her ideas! She gets my vote!!

  5. kris says:

    this one! i’m voting for this one because i think it’s PRECIOUS for a first birthday, love that it was built around something the little guy loved.

  6. David says:

    This is such an amazing idea–love the detail and creativity!

  7. Barbee says:

    My vote is for this one. Wonderful attention to detail. Absolutely precious idea!

  8. Angela says:

    This is adorable, well-thought out, and so kid friendly. Any age child would enjoy this. I’m voting for this one!

  9. Gina Cleminson says:

    Absolutely fantastic! love it to itty bitty pieces! the cardboard boat is GENIUS, and I adore the little wooden boats in their tin pail of blue paper water. It is simply delicious, every bite. And hats–cute as decor and great as a craft. I love this!! Beautiful, whimsical, memorable, and FABULOUS!

  10. Sarah says:

    Wow! Jennifer is so talented. I think I’ll have her do my daughters birthday party. :)

  11. Jenny says:

    Very precious, it looks like it was a great party for little Charlie I hope he loved it……this one gets my vote!

  12. Courtney Erdman says:

    Jennifer is so talented and creative. I love the details that went along with the whole theme. Great Job!!

  13. Diane says:

    This party makes me want to go sailing!!! The colors are so bright and vibrant and the details are perfect. My kids would love a birthday party with a play boat AND fishing, what a great bonus.

  14. Faith Long says:

    Jennifer gets my vote! Super cute party ideas! My favorite is the cardboard sailboat! What a hit!

  15. Janie says:

    I love this one…so creative…and the children look so happy! My vote is for this one!!!!!

  16. Carla Reyna says:

    What a great idea! Everything is just precious, this mom knows how to throw a party!

  17. Sarah says:

    I love this!!! i especially love the time capsule idea

  18. janet says:

    Precious idea

  19. Nikki says:

    LOVED IT! Great idea!… wanna use it

  20. Nacy says:

    I like the boat

  21. Jamie says:

    too cute!

  22. Nicole says:

    Great idea!

  23. katharine says:

    super cute! way cuter than the other one.

  24. kitty says:

    MY FAVORITE!!!!!!

  25. Jordan says:


  26. kelsea says:

    this is the cutest idea! so creative. definitely the best

  27. Heather says:

    Wow! Great party and beautiful pictures!

  28. deanna says:

    the cardboard boat looks so fun! i bet the kiddies loved this! great pics!

  29. carson says:

    so creative and fun! this one is my fav.

  30. Hunter says:

    Ain’t no party like a nautical party!

  31. Leanne says:

    Soooo cute!!!

  32. Joyce says:

    this party grabbed my attention! this is way cute and super creative!

  33. Christine says:

    My vote is for this one! Everything is precious and so much thought went into this. Great job!!!

  34. Jana K says:

    Loved the originality of this party. I adore the sailor hats made out of newspaper.

  35. Candace says:

    This one gets my vote too! Love all the adorable little details… the handpainted wooden boats and newspaper hats. Just precious :) So much fun creativity put into making this special occasion so memorable!

  36. Lana Robison says:

    Just too cute! I love the creativity with the cardboard boat – kids always like playing in boxes. This one gets my vote.

  37. Jennifer says:

    This party blows the rest of the parties out of the water! Such a cute and creative first birthday! :)

  38. Erin Strain says:

    Love the party idea and love Jennifer and her family. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish I had her creativity and craftiness.

  39. beth says:

    I love a party based around something special to the child! The red and aqua are so yummy! I vote for this one!

  40. Charles says:

    Got to vote for the nautical party! GO NAVY!

  41. Angela says:

    A cute party for a cute boy!

  42. Brad says:

    Go Jenn!

  43. Scott says:

    Reminds me of something i would come up with myself! Just kidding!

  44. Andrew says:

    I am stealing this when we have little guys!

  45. Robert says:

    We didn’t go to this much trouble for birthdays in Frasier!

  46. Dan says:

    Even from Africa I can tell who should win this one!

  47. Shelley says:

    I love me some Charlie so i gotta vote for this one!

  48. Sheri says:

    Love the creativity! You must be a teacher!

  49. David says:

    Just wait till you have more kids–your parties will become alot simpler!

  50. maribeth says:

    it is absolutely precious! i love the hats, the bunting, the boat . . . so cute!

  51. suzanne says:

    My favorite part is the boat made from cardboard. You gotta love anything made from cardboard that kids can play in for hours. Save those refrigerator boxes.

  52. Courtney says:

    So many adorable details. I especially loved center pieces.

  53. Every detail is simply perfect!

  54. Callie says:

    Loved the nautical theme! Great Job!!!

  55. chip says:

    Fun and exciting party for my grandson. I vote for this one. Charlie loved the cupcakes.

  56. Lindsey says:

    Love this!

  57. Dean says:

    He is growing up so fast! Great Party!

  58. Shane says:

    I wish you all were still across the street so i could come!

  59. Troy says:

    All I can say is Wow……

  60. John says:

    I feel cheated….i never had a party this cool!

  61. Andy says:

    Amazing Party Jenn–You get my vote….

  62. Chris says:

    Never Let my kids see this….

  63. Jason says:

    I am such a slacker…i usually just take my kids to Chuck E Cheese….

  64. Breanne says:

    Absolutely adorable! Such a talented momma!!!

  65. ari morris says:

    i vote for Jennifer. Love the party idea!

  66. Stephanie Lemont says:

    I’m so proud of you! The nautical theme was a cute idea for a Boy’s 1st B-day! Well done!!!!

  67. Shelley says:

    You are so creative. I am going to hire you to be my party planner!!!! I love it.

  68. Melissa says:

    too precious…love the notes left by family and friends.

  69. Beth says:

    Such a great party theme, love all the little details – super creative! Those centerpieces are too cute! Definitely gets my vote!!!

  70. Ellen says:

    How do you even think these things up? It’s amazing!

  71. Creepy S. says:

    Charlie looks wonderful!!….. I like cupcakes