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Party fan Halloween costume

Party Fan Halloween Costume

Continuing our party costume series for Halloween this year a party fan seems like a fabulous way to dress as the party. Or to be the party! All this costume involves is some paper and an imagination. So simple and fun. Pair it with a honeycomb, a birthday cake, or our recent cotton candy Halloween costume and bring along the entire party as you trick-or-treat.

Party Fan Halloween Costume

Party Fan Halloween Costume

To make the party fan Halloween costume you will need:

  • Tissue paper in whatever color you would like the party fan to be
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Stapler or architecture pins
  • Clothing the same color as the fan

Party Fan Halloween Costume

Party Fan Halloween Costume

1. To make the party fan Halloween costume start by cutting out 18 pieces of 18″ x 18″ tissue paper squares.

2. Using hot glue, glue together 9 of the pieces in a 3×3 grid. Do the same with the remaining 9 squares of tissue paper. You should end up with two large squares of tissue paper measuring 54″ x 54″.

3. Lay both of the large squares on top of each other and start folding it accordion style. Each fold should be about 1 1/2″ thick. Continue to do this until the whole thing is folded like an accordion.

4. Fold the paper in half hot dog style so that there are double the amount of folds. Cut whatever design you would like in the side of the tissue paper. I just cut simple triangles out of mine.

5. Unfold everything and set aside one of the large squares that you started with. Using the other square, fold it back up and in half again. Glue the two inner pieces together and put a pin or a staple through the middle to hold everything in place.

6. Repeat with the other square. You should now have two halves of a fan. Glue the two halves together to form a circle and finish it off by gluing together the two middle pieces.

7. Cut a hole for your head and drape over your body. You may need a friend to help you with this step. Hot glue the fan to multiple points of your body, including your sleeves while a friend holds up the fan. You can now rock your giant paper fan costume!

Be your own never ending party. ;)

(Project design and photography @A Subtle Revelry by Sam Ushiro).

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