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how to stack a party tray

how to stack a party tray

I am happy to introduce a new series walking you through a few of what I deem to be “most important” party pointers. Each of the monthly posts will include a pretty illustration and easy to follow written instructions from me… First up: How to stack a proper + pretty party tray.

Download this illustration as an 8×11 print here

The most important aspect to a stacking proper party tray is obviously functionality. Add in a bit of festive beauty and make an everyday serving tray become the absolute gem of your celebration. Here are a few tips, whether it’s for a small dessert gathering or an all out bash, that will make your tray both usable and gorgeous!

Start with the base of the tray, coordinate it well with your celebration. Confetti, streamers, and florals are great for accomplishing this. Make sure all food on your tray can easily be eaten with one hand, and never include condiments that might sneak out onto an unsuspecting party dress.

Stacked cups should be wide based, it is nice to interchange colors and textures in the stacks to give design appeal. Serve all drinks in clear vases, so the eye will continue moving and what you are serving is easily understood. Add berries if you can, they are pretty!

If you are serving outside, a single floral stems laid atop the napkins is a nice and dainty touch and will keep the wind from blowing your paper away.

Illustration done by Amanda Waggoner for a subtle revelry.

PS. Two adorable tray DIY ideas to get you started here and here.



  1. sibylle @Funkytime

    15 September

    love the illustration! Beautiful color choice! Also the tray ideas are fab!

  2. Emily

    15 September

    I love this idea! Never occurs to me to dress up desserts for small gatherings but this is such a sweet way! And love that illustration!

  3. Lena

    15 September

    What a gorgeous illustration, and such wonderful advice!

  4. Anna @ IHOD

    15 September

    Oh my goodness, what fun topics! I will love this series.
    Beautiful illustration as well:)

  5. Kristin

    15 September

    You make throwing a party easy!

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