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pendant tassle lights

Welcome back from a nice long weekend. We spent some of it working on projects for home. When we moved into the new house earlier this summer function was at the top of my mind. Now that the book is done, I am having fun sprucing the place up with festive D.I.Y. details. Simple and festive touches really work wonders in making my house into a home that I truly enjoy.

For lighting in the studio – I knew I wanted something simple and affordable since we had multiple hanging lights to deal with. We decided to keep the current light fixtures up and just cover them with these easy to make pendant dome lights + added bright tassels on the bottom. They’ve become a very quick obsession!

To make a similar pendant tassel light use two parts of one embroidery hoop, two pieces of white poster board and a handful of bright thread.

The pendant is created by gluing the paper around the embroidery hoop – the easiest pendant solution around! Hang with s-hooks to the current fixtures for a sleek and simple look, or run a lighting kit through the center and hang the pendant directly onto the ceiling.

For the tassels; wind the thread around three fingers until there is a nice thick bunch. Tie off by wrapping the remaining thread around the top just a bit down from the end. Cut the bottom piece open to create the tassels and glue onto the bottom of the pendant for a festive trim.

  1. Mareike

    3 September

    I love this idea! Very cute.

  2. Eileen

    3 September

    GREAT idea! Love that you used a poster board too – very reasonable. And the tassles? Fabulous! Just one question: How did you hang or secure the lights?

  3. Such an awesome idea! I’m trying to think of places I can glue tassels now haha!

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