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peppermint lemon sticks

peppermint lemon sticks

While researching small town summer fairs (we plan to visit one this year), I came across a description for these peppermint lemon sticks. Have you ever had one? They are amazing! To make them you simply cut off the top 1/3 of a lemon and insert a peppermint stick. As you suck, the stick hallows out and it produces the most refreshing summer combination of tangy and sweet. They are our new poolside treat and would be amazing served at any summer party.

If you don’t happen to have a stash of peppermint sticks left over from the holidays (what???) you can buy a box of them here.

PS. A hearty hooray for rolled up jean short season…


  1. colores

    10 May

    It´s always a pleasure visiting you! amazingly lovely

  2. ana

    10 May

    oooh my mouth puckered just looking at those lemons, but what an interesting twist the peppermint sticks! cute photos :)

  3. Lena

    10 May

    I used to have these at Baltimore’s springtime fairs–they’re too much fun!

  4. gorgeous! What a cute idea

  5. Gloria

    11 May

    How have I never heard of this?! What a cute and refreshing treat!

  6. Anna

    14 May

    Beautiful and simple, which is the perfect combo. And what a cutie pie you have!

  7. becca

    14 May

    oh! I already have all the ingredients! must try this so soon!

  8. Kelsey C:

    14 May

    This is such a fantastic idea!! I love lemon-mint flavoring + scents!

  9. I had these at a fair when I was little and I loved them! Such a classic along with a water balloon yo yo! You should really look into the water balloon yo yo :)

  10. Demetria

    17 May

    Wow! That’s a childhood treat I remember. My family, friends, & I will still lemon & peppermint especially when we have a cold. If you like that one, try it with pickles. You can use peppermint or any flavored hard candy.

  11. Jessica

    22 May

    I love these! They have always been a part of spring time festivals in Baltimore. I often wondered if they were kind of a local thing because many of my friends who have moved here have never heard of them before. Yummmm! :)

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