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Perfect pair printable labels

Happy Monday. I spent the weekend getting to know a handful of women who are just as amazing in person as they are online. I have come home refreshed and ready for this full month of parties ahead. I hope you are also feeling ready for this week my friends.

Our coffee & tea tasting turned out to be quite fun bridal shower theme, I am so pleased to give you the projects today to create it on your own.

Perfectly paired, free printable labels…

The glass bottles were a great way to make 6 different drinks all come together with one cohesive look.

Directions: Use these printable labels to produce your own coffee & tea tasting bridal shower theme. Download using the button directly above. The labels fit these bottles from Trader Joe’s perfectly. After enjoying the purchased lemonade, run through a dish-washing cycle or soak in hot water to remove current label. Cut out the labels from the template. Using glue or double sided tape attach directly onto bottle.

You could use any other type or size of bottle as well, simply center the label and glue. Add ice and your favorite coffee or tea for an easy and unique bridal shower theme. I left one label blank in case you’d prefer a different drink.

The cup holders are a cheeky take on the usual coffee drink order and they kept our guests from feeling the chill of their glasses.

Directions: These printable labels will print 2 per page. They fit around a 9 inch cup which is about the average 8 oz cold party cup. Print and use glue to attach the ends together for a cozy way to warm up iced hands. The look just lovely on clear glasses with plum straws popping out of the top.

The tea bag favors were such an easy and lovely way to thank and appreciate our guests.

Leave your guests with a sweet way to remember the day. They are a great way to send friends off with an aftertaste of your sweet bridal shower theme. The printable labels come eight per page, cut out and fold at the center crease. One side bids a thank you while the other gives instructions for home brewing.

Here is the custom tea recipe we used to make the bags (making tea is actually super easy). Combine the herbs in a large bowl in their crushed and dried form then portion out into purchased tea bags.
1/2 cup stinging nettle leaves
1/2 cup oatstraw
1/2 cup spearmint leaves
1/4 cup chamomile flowers
1/4 cup rosehips

Together I hope these labels will set the stage for a fun and unique bridal shower tasting table.


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