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Photo Print Easter Eggs

Create a lasting memory this spring by adhering your beloved family photos onto Easter eggs. It is the kind of project that will make you smile to think of, and absolutely giddy to see completed.

Use the photos as seating cards for Easter brunch, hide them around the house for each family member to find their own, or close them up in a carton of eggs for an early morning surprise! Make a dozen for the grandparents and deliver them Easter week, or make one for each co-worker and leave them in the employee fridge for a spring break treat. The opportunity to put these easy photo eggs to good use is endless.

To make the photo print Easter eggs you will need a dozen eggs, photos that you love, an inkjet printer, masking tape, and tissues (the kind you sneeze on).

Hard boil your eggs and let completely cool. Meanwhile, tape a piece of tissue onto a normal printer paper. Tape all the way around the tissue – being sure not to leave an end unattached. Use the tissue taped paper to print your photos onto. As long as it is taped fully around, the paper should run right through any inkjet printer.

Cut around the photo shapes, no need to be exact, but get as close as possible. If the tissue is more than 1ply the bottom layers should slide away once the shape is cut out. Only apply the top layer of tissue to the eggs. Use a small brush to place Modge Podge on the egg and then the photo on top. Gently even out wrinkles with a finger and gently secure the ends with another layer of Modge Podge.

Let the eggs dry. Once the Modge Podge dries, the tissue layer is so thin you won’t be able to tell where the egg ends and the photo begins – the eggs look like portraits in themselves!


  1. Freya

    11 March

    THis is pretty freaking awesome.

  2. Alison

    11 March

    found this on Pinterest, and I was like…LET’S SEE WHO THE GENIUS BEHIND THIS IS…. DUHHHHH You’re like the best thing in the world.

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  4. tere

    12 March

    dito on the genius thing…. this is awesome!!! And you look good on that egg, nice pic!

  5. Every Spring, just before Easter, I look forward to what egg decoration ideas bloggers will come up with. And they never disappoint. Actually, seeing such creative and different ideas makes me really believe in the infinity of human mind and creativity :)

  6. nicole

    13 March

    amazing idea!

    Lovely Idea

  7. These are so fun!!!

  8. Karen

    17 March

    I really want to make these for placecards. Kind of scared about the tissue paper not working and messing up my printer. Will any printer work? I would love to hear if anyone else tried it and it worked. So darn cute!!!!!

    • Victoria

      18 March

      Karen, I responded below. Let me know if that helps!

    • Dani

      17 March

      I just finished the photo copying part….worked like a charm. AND….I did it at work. We have one of those huge printers with a billion pathways…..still worked great!!!

    • Cindy

      4 April

      The printer worked perfect on the tissue paper!! Do it! I’m about to mod podge…hoping mine are as cute !

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  10. Robin

    18 March

    I have a Canon something or other. Cheap one purchased around 6 months ago. Tried a craft for christmas that required the same technique of taping tissue paper to a sheet of paper & printing and it permanently ruined my printer. Huge smudge prints down one side and no amount of cleaning, head cleaning, alignment, cartridges, disassembly & reassembly will correct. Just in case you really need your printer… I can still use mine for the household stuff that we print, but anything “official” has to be sent to DH to print at work.

    • Victoria

      18 March

      Robin, and Karen. So to be sure your printer is safe please tape all the way around the tissue- that is the only way to make sure it doesn’t get caught on the way through.

      The project calls for an ink jet printer – do not use a laser one. We ran about 8 different trials through it and it worked without a snag every time.

      I own a super cheap $14 HP inkjet that I use solely for craft projects like this. That is an option to consider, if using your more expensive printer makes you nervous. Hope that helps!

    • lana

      2 April

      Maybe regular white wrapping tissue ironed to the back of freezer paper would feed thru the printer a bit more smoothly?

  11. Robin

    18 March

    I taped well, it didn’t get stuck, it just screwed up the print head somehow? The replacement part is about three times the price of a new printer so for now we just use it anyway. I like the idea of a dedicated cheap printer for projects like this :)

    It’s a great project, btw, adorable! I just wanted to warn that you might want to think twice if you have a really expensive/nice printer :)

    • Carmen

      4 April

      I was wondering if maybe you used tissues that had been coated with something? Like the ones they make that are coated with Aloe or something ‘to soothe a sore nose’? That’s the only thing that I could think of that would have messed up or left something behind on the printhead.??

  12. This is genius! Such a great idea!!! I need an inkjet printer for this specific reason. Adorable.

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  21. Rhoma

    25 March

    Do you think vellum paper might work? I’ve used this for other little photo type projects and LOVE this idea! Super cute…and who doesn’t love to see their face on something cool…but an EASTER EGG? Even better! :)

  22. Michele

    25 March

    Have you tried regular tissue paper that you would use for gift wrapping? That is what I have often used for similar projects. That type of tissue paper is a bit sturdier and thinner. It runs nicely through printers when taped the same way.

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  24. Hey,
    WOW! I love this post and have included it to my Easter egg round up.
    I think the decorations work well with my blog esthetics. Let me know what you think…

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  31. Alice

    28 March

    Could this be done on a wooden or styrafoam egg so you could keep it. Would make a wonderful tradition each year as a collectible for the family.

    • Victoria

      28 March

      Alice, that is a great idea! The tissue disappears the best on a white backdrop, so any type of white egg would work. Love the thought of collecting them every year:)

      • Troy

        29 March

        Alice another possible solution for a keepsake is to empty a fresh egg. Simply poke a small hole in the top, with a sewing needle, then a slightly larger one on the bottom. Use the needle or something small like a straightened paper clip to breakup the yolk. Then if you gently blow into the small hole the raw egg will come out of the larger one. With a little bleach, some dish soap, and hot water you can clean it out. Let it dry. Dab some glue over the holes. Now you have an empty egg.

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  46. Rene

    16 March

    Genius. Oh the possibilities!! Thanks.

  47. Christina Scott

    16 March

    Just an idea to this awesome post. To be able to make these a lasting decoration, do not boil the egg. Instead, poke a pin hole at the top and bottom and blow out the inside of the raw egg. These will be delicate, but you won’t have to worry about the egg going rotten

    • Victoria

      16 March

      Christina, so smart! xoxo

  48. Jody

    16 March

    do you think I could do this at Kinko’s? Cute idea but don’t have a printer or wifi

    • Victoria

      16 March

      Jody, you’d have to ask and make sure they allow you to run paper through with tape on it. I don’t see why not though!

  49. Jody

    16 March

    Can I use inkjet at Kinko’s for this?

  50. Rosemary

    16 March

    Best idea I’ve seen. Can you do this on colored eggs?

    • Victoria

      17 March

      Rosemary, You could! The only thing is that the tissue outline might be a little visable on the egg, so be sure to cut as close to the face as you can. Hope that helps… I’d love to see a photo of them on a colored egg:)

      • Rosemary

        17 March

        Good to know. I tried this with the regular facial tissue, no good, jammed up the printer. Cleaned it out, not broken. Tried it with tissue paper (gift wrap type), bingo, worked out fine. Can’t wait to get the pic on the eggs in a few weeks.

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  52. sylvia

    17 March

    MY NEXT Sunday School craft. Thanks

    • great love the eggs,will do this for the grand kids,thank you lyn

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  58. Susy

    23 March

    Can I use edible image paper – like I use for cake decorating?

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  60. Laurie

    23 March

    I did 2 dozen eggs up. Took no time at all and they look awesome! Using as a Center piece at an Easter buffet. Any suggestions for capping them off so the hole in the top doesn’t show? (I blew them out so they would keep for everyone to take home).
    I want to leave them white. The picture jumps right off that way. Great idea! Thanks

    • Christina Scott

      11 September

      You could use decorative items to cap off the top of the egg if the hole is too big. I used little pearls from crafts and my photo eggs sit on stands.

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    27 March

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  67. Gail

    28 March

    are these edible after doing this?

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  80. Anthony

    23 March

    $ 14 HP Printer

    Awesome tip.
    I want to try a few ideas I have in mind for Easter eggs for a few acquaintances of mine.

    Thank you for the awesome tip!

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