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Pink Party Ideas

This Pink Party Ideas post is done in partnership with Tuesday Morning.

It’s summer and the parties should be as easy as our days are long. When throwing a kids party one of the biggest ways we make things simple is sticking to a color theme.

It’s crazy how imparting one color in various textures, designs and styles will create a cohesive space that takes very little brain power to create, and with Tuesday Morning having such a fun party section this is simple to do with just one quick shopping stop.

Pink party ideasHere are some easy ways to create a pink party in under an hour.

How to create a pink party in under and hour1. Using wrapping paper as a tablecloth.

One of our favorite ways to create a cohesive look while giving ourselves the freedom to create a pretty table affordably is to use wrapping paper as our table cloth. Tuesday Morning has such a fun selection and we choose this pretty pink with gold bows to set the stage for our table. The best thing about this party hack is that you can just roll up and throw away the wrapping paper after the party is done for easy summer party clean up.

pink party drinks2. Drinks to match

Next we always aim to make sure our food and drinks coordinate with our color selection. Luckily we found this fun peach and ginger lemonade that the girls loved! Poured into glasses with pink rock candy makes for a special party day treat that looks so pretty on the table.

Pink party ideas favor boxes3. Favors are add in the fun

Although creating a pink on pink party is a fun way to have a birthday set and done, we can’t forget to add in a little whimsy and fun to the mix. We found these adorable bunny box favors at Tuesday Morning that coordinate with the theme but also create a reason to smile when looking at the party table. Their neon little bunny tales are set out along the party table making the event seem fun and special for kids of any age.

Fun pink party ideas4. Texturing in the table

Focusing on one color scheme doesn’t mean you can’t add in texture. In fact, adding in fun texture to the party spread only makes the cohesive color scheme look even better! We found pretty pink floral melamine plates along with pretty floral napkins that work together with our faux table cloth to create just the right amount of pop for our pink party.

Pink party ideasSummer means fun and easy living and when you have a birthday to plan, picking a color, picking one store and just grabbing it all is the best way to create a look everyone will love without breaking a sweat. Visit your closest Tuesday Morning to create a color coordinated party like this in under and hour.

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