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Pool Float Halloween Costume


When I say Halloween. You say Easy!

I am so excited about this year’s first Halloween costume because it is absolutely the easiest costume there ever was. You may know by now that I am not a fan of difficult to create, sewing involved types of costumes. October is a crazy month for all families, so the more fun and easy, the better for Halloween. And I think we’ve found the most easily fun idea around… Be a pool float for Halloween. Gah!!! I’m obsessed.




Go classic black &Β white swan or brightly fun Flamingo with this idea. Compile an entire set of pool floats and dress up the whole family! The possibilities are endless. And you’ll be getting a jump start on being ready for next summer in the process.Β High fives all around.


Pool Float Halloween Costume

To make the pool float Halloween costume you will need:



1. Blow up each of the floats using a hand or electric pump and secure.

2. Cut the ribbon to length and place a strip of hot glue onto the ribbon, not directly onto the float. Push the ribbon into the float. Allow to set for about 5 minutes.


3. Adorn a float inspired outfit and pull the ribbons up and around the shoulders for a free loving, fun having, easy as pie Halloween.

(Photography Β©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

  1. Angie

    28 September

    Really? You did a post about using a pool float as a costume by just using the pool float outside the pool? How original!

    • Victoria

      28 September

      Angie, Sometimes it’s the easiest ideas we all love the best! :) Just adding ribbons for straps makes an instant costume! All the best. xoxo

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