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Post-it® Notes planning encouragement


Last week, I shared our fun office trick for motivation during the gloomy winter. The idea actually sprang from something I’ve been doing for myself for the past few months. With Materially Crafted soon to launch, the business to attend to daily, family responsibilities… It’s been a little crazy to say the least.

I was noticing I sometimes didn’t even want to open up my agenda planner. Every day there was just this long list of to-do’s staring at me. I’d rather just not look sometimes – you know what I mean?

So I decided to change it! I bought a really fun planner that includes stickers (because I’m 30 going on 5) and I started leaving myself little Post-it® Notes of encouragement inside. I particularly love using notes from the Post-it Brand World of Color collections in my planner.

Encouraging notes for planning

The plan

When I sit down to plan out the upcoming weeks, I try to think of little wins I’ve had, inspirational words I’ve seen, or encouraging thoughts. There is so much out there to bring a gal down, we all need a jolt of “you are awesome” some days! I jot these gems down on Post-it® Notes and spread them throughout the week’s notes.

It’s been such an encouragement to me. My daughter even wrote one for me a few weeks back and stuck it inside – nothing beats that!

We also use Post-it® Notes to plan out our blog photo shoots and I’ve begun doing this on our photo shoot planning sheets as well. Just the littlest encouragement can sometimes take an overwhelming week and make it seem manageable and fun.

Post-it notes office planning

If you’ve decided to do the post office encouragement board at your office, it will be super easy to place some of those Post-it® Notes right into your planner when they come down from the wall. I suggest using the Post-it Brand World of Color collections for an array of beautiful colors. Each city in the collection is filled with coordinating colors so your life can be both organized and pretty! Space the notes through your planning year and always have a great reminder that your work is awesome, that you are amazing, and that life it great. xoxo

This post is done in promotional partnership with Post-it® Brand, a brand I use daily at the office. Thanks so much for supporting our partners in revelry!


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  1. I took inspiration from you and bought a pack of various colours at the weekend – we are using them to ask our staff to write on and say how they promote dignity in care – we are a home care company xx

  2. I think I should start doing this…I think it would help me remember that I am worthy of the things I really want! I’ve been working hard on getting a new job, one that will be a career and that will use my brain. Some reminders and encouragement from myself could go a long way!

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