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Sugar, Spice and the Best Powerpuff Girls Party

Inside: A power packed post full of the best Powerpuff girls birthday party ideas and supplies!

When it comes to planning a birthday party we get very excited over here! Especially when we can celebrate sugar-coated superheroes like Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup! I mean what better birthday party theme than some rough and tough super girls! Check out our best Powerpuff girls birthday party ideas!

powerpuff girls partyThe Powerpuff Girls Pinatas

They are molded after the girls and inspired by their encouragement of sugar, spice, and everything nice. The piñatas are a fun idea for throwing a Powerpuff Girls birthday party and would be a welcome distraction after school one day.

Especially to celebrate an important thing like your child’s own dreams of saving the world.

You can do it! Girl Power & piñatas – basically my parenting in a nutshell.

powerpuff girls birthday party pinatas

The Powerpuff Girls Pinatas


Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice – Here are a few of our sweet treat ideas for this Powerpuff girls party

  • Let each kid create their own combo of sugar, spice and a whole lot of color with the easy DIY mug cakes!
  • Dress to impress with these adorable fabric masks, and let each kid morph into their own superhero!
  • Add these painted plates to add a little more spice to your Powerpuff girls party!

The Powerpuff Girls birthday party

The Powerpuff Girls Birthday Party Pinatas

  The Powerpuff girls birthday party supplies:

  • Cardboard
  • A cut out shape of each of the characters
  • Streamers – I like these
  • Scissors, tape + glue
  • Candy


How to make The Powerpuff Girls Pinatas

Here is how you make the Powerpuff girls party pinatas:

1. Start by tracing The Powerpuff Girl shape onto the cardboard and cut out 2 matching pieces of it.

2. Next cut a length of the cardboard to wrap around the piñata.

3. Combine the pieces together taping into place as you go. Be sure to fill with candy before finishing the piñata off.

4. Cut the streamers into small sections and fringe the ends by cutting up about every 1/4 inch. Do not cut through the top of the streamer, only about 80% of the way.

5. Use the tape to secure the streamers onto the piñatas. Top with paper to create the eyes and mouths of each piñata.

The Powerpuff Girls party suppllies

So grab the girls and let’s live up to all the sugar, spice and everything with this Powerpuff girl party!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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