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Free Printable Christmas Games for All Ages: 10+ Games 2024

It’s so close we can almost hear the jingle of Santa’s sleigh bells as he lands on the roof! The house is adorned in green and red with twinkly lights and fake snow everywhere. Now to plan the entertainment! Hit this link to download a printable PDF with our favorite Christmas games this year!

You’ll also find a link to download every game from our list separately down below. Let’s dive in!

Printable Christmas Games

Let’s have a look at our checklist. Films? – check. Food? – check. Drinks? – check. Ugly Christmas sweaters? – double-check, we hope, these are very important.

Games – well… you’ve come to the right place. We have all the holiday games you need with our extensive list of free printable Christmas games.

We have printable Christmas party games, we’ve got printable Christmas games with answers, some printable Christmas games for adults and some for kids, and Christmas games that the whole family can enjoy together.

10 Free Printable Christmas Games

Christmas Games

Minute to Win It

Some of our favorite games are the ‘Minute to Win it’ games, they are hilariously fun for the whole family.

We play them at Christmas time with a festive twist on all of our old favorites, ‘face the cookie’ turns into ‘face the gingerbread man’, the traditional ‘egg and spoon race’ becomes the seasonal ‘snowball and spoon race’, so on and so forth.

You’re guaranteed to get hours of laughter from these Christmas Minute to Win It Games for All Ages.


Charades is such a fun game too, and so easy to prepare and play. It can be played by any number of people, just about anywhere.

If you need some help coming up with charade words, we have a list of them right here for you to use in our Christmas Charades Word List. Just print them out and pop them into a hat.

If you are playing charades with some younger children, or if a group of kids are playing on their own, you may need some child-friendly words that aren’t too hard for them to act out or to guess at.

We have a huge list of charades words for kids here 200+ Charade Words for Kids. Again, simply print them out and pop them into a hat!

Family Feud

Sometimes a little healthy competition can be good, and while we don’t encourage families to fight, exactly, over the holiday season, we do think that maybe a little family feud might be fun… Pit brother against sister, daughter against mother, and spouses against one another in one of our favorite Christmas printable games, Christmas Family Feud Questions and Answers.

Family Trivia Night

There are more printable questions and answers here in our Top Trivia Questions for Family Games Night in 2021.

This is a really fun family activity, not only can people show off what they know and surprise everyone with their intellect, but there is always something new to learn too, so trivia nights can be educational as well as fun.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is always so entertaining, and the really great thing about them is that kids and adults can enjoy them together. Have a look at our 14 Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas for 2021 and print out your favorite scavenger hunt to entertain your whole family at Christmas.

Would You Rather

Would you rather games are another endless source of entertainment and can be tweaked to suit any theme, Christmas being no exception. Would you rather meet Santa Claus, or meet your favorite movie star?

Would you rather watch your favorite Christmas movie, or play your favorite Christmas game? Find lots more Christmas-themed Would you rather questions here.


Pictionary is another wonderful game that, like charades, can be played anytime with anyone, and you really don’t need much to play, just stuff to draw with.

We have prepared a list of Pictionary words with a Christmas twist for your whole family to enjoy.

Christmas Bingo

These Christmas bingo games will be your ticket to the most fun party yet. Playing bingo is obviously great for large groups making it a party game that everyone loves all season long.

If your family are the creative types, they’ll also love these 50 Christmas Crafts for Kids to Try in 2021.

We’re saying the crafts are for kids but there is literally no law anywhere (we checked) that says adults can’t join in and have fun making a mess too! For some more great ideas for the holidays, check out our Game Suggestions for Your Next Family Get-Together. And have a fantastic festive season!