Printable party kit- Roast & Toast • A Subtle Revelry

Printable party kit- Roast & Toast

Printable party kit- Roast & Toast

To end this week’s Roast & Toast loveliness, I want to pass on a few free printable party downloads for you to re-create this imperfectly easy event in the future. Simply add a marshmallow roast to any occasion that would be fitting of a toast and inspire gooey chocolatey goodness for your guests.

Make it
Match box invitations are a lovely way to communicate to your guests about your coming Roasting Party.

You will need to collect or purchase the amount of match boxes you will send (they sell them in bulk at most big box stores).

Download this PDF which has two invites per page. Print them out in high resolution on heavy weight paper.

Cut along the outer lines and then fold each invite along the four inner lines. Wrap around the match boxes and attach with craft glue. Write out your party details and stick directly inside the match box.

Make it-
Have your guests leave with a sweet taste in their mouths by handing out these favors.

Simply fill a plastic sandwich bag with whatever goodies you would like (we used homemade marshmallows).

Download this PDF which contains two favor bag toppers per page. Print in high resolution onto heavy weight card stock.

Cut along the dark outline and fold straight across the center line. A small amount of glue will hold the paper to the bag top and will seal in the goodies. You can let most treats stand for up to a week. The favor bag looks adorable hung over a metal hanger, or tied with ribbon, or just given as is filled with treats.

Make it:
To recreate the look of our gourmet s’more bar use these party labels to coordinate your Roast & Toast theme.

Print the same way as above in high resolution, onto heavy card-stock.

Cut out each label and attach to ribbon or skewer sticks as needed- creating a scrumptious s’more bar for your roast.

I hope these printables will make roasting & toasting a memorable event for your family sometime soon.



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