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Printable Summer Happiness Bucket List


It’s easy to jump into summer based on the ideals we find in our friend’s Facebook feeds or in the styled shoots shared on Pinterest – but really summer means something different to us all. After blogging, reading blogs, and perusing Pinterest for so many years I’ve found it is crazy important to spend a bit of time really thinking about what it is I WANT a specific season to be for our family.

To some it might be a week away on a deserted island, to some a pool filled with screaming kids, for me a huge part of a successful summer is really spending time exploring with my kids – whether that means trips to new places, or just a series of fun hikes that lead to hidden waterfalls in the mountains.

What does summer happiness look like to you?

To ensure it doesn’t slip right past, we created this summer bucket list planner to  plan out all the things that will make us happy this summer.


The summer happiness bucket list is a 2 page PDF that you can print right here!

The point of this planner is to encourage us all to process our summer ideals and to create a season that is exactly what we deeply desire it to be. Here are a few things I added to my own bucket list for the summer:

  • Hike to a waterfall with the kids
  • Make an ice cream cake
  • Sit on the deck and read a good book
  • Build the treehouse
  • Lay by the pool in Vegas
  • Take time to slow roast vegetables and smoke meat
  • Throw a s’mores party
  • Lay on the trampoline and stare at the stars with the family


On it are spaces to write out your own summer bucket list, to note summer books you want to read, and even a weekly planner that you can print for easy scheduling all summer long. If you’re summer is busy like mine and you function off a much larger grown-up calendar, than this second page could be a fun option to give the kids each week to track their own reading and agendas.

Don’t lose out on the season! I’d love to encourage us all to take the time to decide what happiness & revelry this summer mean to you.

(Graphic created by Kimberly from Small Moments ©A Subtle Revelry).

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