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printable thank you note stickers

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

Stickered thank you boxes are my newest obsession for saying a simple spring thanks! I love how the bright and simple text turns any small box into a wrapped gift of thankfulness. Stash a spa gift card in one for mom, or a perfect litte something to hand out on teacher appreciation day. The boxes will work for just about anyone you need to thank – bridemaids, guests, the mailman. Who do you need to thank today? Print, fill, stick, done!

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

I designed these bright text thank you stickers and also a printable thank you note postcard for sending thanks to folks far away. Print out a stash of the postcards, pre-stamp them, and place them with a pen by the front door for quick jotted notes of thanks. The easier I make it on myself, the more often I remember to send a thoughtful thank you.

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

To print out the bright text Thank You stickers (click here). To print the postcards (click here). Avery was kind enough to send us a huge box of labels and paper for printing this special project. Although you can print these onto any paper, to make it even easier on yourself we used Avery print to edge 2×2 square labels #22806 to create the stickers and Avery matte white postcards #3263 to create the 4 to a page postcards.

Avery’s new design and print online site makes the process so easy. Click the links above and save the files to your computer. Then go to and upload the image, pick your label package, and print! The site is so simple to use, it has quickly become my new favorite way to print just about anything I need.

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

PS. The adorable boxes are from Target andΒ more simple mother day ideas right here.

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Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.

  1. lena

    28 April

    What a perfect finishing touch!

  2. j

    29 April


  3. Love these! And I totally agree, stickered boxes are THE BEST!

  4. Kathleen

    2 May

    Those thank you cards are adorable!!
    xx Kathleen

  5. Chris

    2 May

    I had a question about the labels. I wanted to use these for teacher appreciation week. I bought the labels and they are 12 on a page. When I print out your download it is 20 on a page as doesn’t line up. I can;t find a Avery label like that one.

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  7. lee so jung

    19 December

    thank you !
    very nice

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