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Colorful Rainbow Waffles Recipe

Inside: Colorful Rainbow Waffles Recipe

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we couldn’t agree more! Start your day off with a burst of color and a whole lot of fun with these colorful yummy rainbow waffles! You are guaranteed to have a perfect day when you start your day off with these!

Colorful Rainbow Waffles Recipe

How to Make Rainbow Waffles

These rainbow waffles are so easy to make the kids will LOVE helping you with breakfast time!

Rainbow Waffles

Let us show you how to make these fun breakfast treats with just a few simples steps!

Rainbow Waffles

Supplies You’ll Need

There area just a few supplies you will need:

  • Waffle Mix – You can use your favorite or buy the boxed kind. Both work magically!
  • Food Coloring
  • Whip Cream
  • Sprinkles

How to Make Rainbow Waffles

  1. First, you want to make your batter just like normal.
  2. Then separate the batter into different bowls.
How to make waffles

3. Add your food coloring and mix it together.

Food Coloring Batter

4. We then transferred our batter to piping bags. We found that this was easier for little hands and to get the cool rainbow effect.

5. Bake waffles just like normal and serve with a few dollops of whip cream and some fun sprinkles!

How to make rainbow waffles

Kids Love Making Rainbow Waffles

Like I said before this Rainbow Waffle recipe is so much fun to make with the kids. See how much fun our friends Raven and Ziya made their own versions of this yummy recipe! They looked like they had SO MUCH FUN! Our mouths were watering just watching them make this yummy colorful breakfast!

If you love all things home, family, Mom life, and more then you will love our friend Raven Elyse!

A Few Tips and Tricks for Making Rainbow Waffles

Like I said before this recipe is super easy to make and you can really take any twist you want with it. But while we were making ours we came up with a few helpful tips and tricks that you might like to know!

Rainbow Waffles

  • Put your colored batter into piping bags. We learned this really helps the process and if you have little hands helping you it makes for a much less messy process!

Colored batter
  • Start in the middle. I know this sounds crazy but our rainbow patterned worked so much better when we put the center batter in first!
  • Top with whip cream, sprinkles, powdered sugar, syrup or fruit for a next level delicious breakfast!

Rainbow Waffles

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(Photos @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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