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reason to celebrate | 15 inch tapers

reason to celebrate | 15 inch tapers

I attempted making these for Emery’s birthday, I ended up with one tall candle and a destroyed kitchen. Next time I will buy them. So happy to see two cute colors measuring 15 inches by Olive and Cocoa.

Via Erin’s pinterest.



  1. Stephie

    15 June

    Hi Victoria! I saw these the other day and bookmarked the site. I absolutely love them! Well they are pink! Hugs and hope you had a great anniversary celebration, Stephie x

  2. kat jackson

    15 June

    love, love, love these! beautiful styling!

  3. lizzie

    15 June

    oh no! sorry to hear that it didn’t go as planned! i’ve been seeing those around they’re adorable!

  4. Liz

    15 June

    These are so fun! I need to remember this for my next birthday party celebration!

  5. jenn

    15 June

    I love that you even tried to make these! I ordered some recently and I’m so excited for the next occasion to use them! :)

  6. Rebecca

    15 June

    These are fun. Also, I just checked out Emery’s princess party, and it was incredible!!! I want one ;)

  7. Lena

    15 June

    WOW-these are fantastic!

  8. A.MAZING!!!

  9. whoa, I posted about these candles yesterday too! They are so striking, how could you not want to attempt them? It’s nice to know you recommend buying them instead of making them – I definitely would have destroyed the kitchen too:)

  10. BUT – how cool is it that you TRIED to make it :)

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