reason to celebrate | a smiling bride

This sweet Italian wedding is perfect and the bride cannot seem to stop smiling, adorable! Two of my New Year’s resolutions are to laugh more with the man I love and wear more celebratory dresses. Did you make any resolutions this past weekend?

Photos aia almalus place and boho wedding.

PS. My 2011 favorites round up in just a bit.


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Posted January 02, 2012
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8 Responses to “reason to celebrate | a smiling bride”

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  2. Supal says:

    and such a beautiful smile!

  3. miss b says:

    the dress she choose is absolutely fantastic, no wonder she seems so happy : )

    i’ll add to my list wearing more celebratory dresses, along with all the happy thoughts for a pretty mood all year long!

  4. domestikate says:

    How about a spotty wedding dress? It’s fabulous!

  5. The brides smile made me smile…so infectious. Here’s to lots and lots of smiling in 2012!

  6. Liz says:

    I love the champagne picture! What a beautiful moment!

  7. Corrie Anne says:

    What a sweet bride!!! And celebratory dresses are important!

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