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reason to celebrate | aged

We spent the weekend with family celebrating my step-father’s 60th birthday. Age is such a grand party inspiration, don’t you think?!? It would be lovely to surround a parent with selections of aged cheeses and wine, to celebrate the goodness that comes from growing old at their next milestone birthday.

Photography by Jen Altman.


  1. Lisa

    21 March

    Yes, you write much wisdom in the few words of this post. Beautiful.

  2. What a great idea! Friends of ours had a wine and cheese party last year where everyone brought their favorite cheese and two identical bottles of wine (best quality they could get for under 20 bucks). The wine and cheese combo that got the most votes won and got to take home the rest of the bottles as a prize :) It was really fun!

  3. mrs. french

    21 March

    your take on birthdays is the loveliest i have seen. xo t

  4. Stephie

    22 March

    Lovely idea Victoria but as I get older, the thought of ageing gets less appealing! Stephie x

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