baby shower firsts • A Subtle Revelry

baby shower firsts

A sweet idea to start your week (happy Monday!). This baby shower print is a collection of each guest’s hopes of firsts for the baby boy. Everyone was asked to jot down what they were most excited for baby to experience in this life- a first baseball game, a McDonald’s french fry, a ride on the D train etc. How incredibly sweet is that! The mom says she just poured over it and felt so much love for her soon coming baby.

Photo from The Indigo Bunting.



  1. Liz

    15 August

    I’m in LOVE with this idea!!! Thanks for sharing. I need to store this in my “good idea” pile.

  2. Rebecca

    15 August

    What a precious idea :) I always look for somewhat original ideas for baby showers, too….

  3. Lena

    15 August

    Such an impossibly sweet idea-I love this!

  4. domestikate

    15 August

    Oh oh oh how absolutely lovely!

  5. Natasha

    15 August

    I love this!! What a wonderful idea… so did guests email in their lines so the host had time to print them all out I wonder?

  6. Kristin

    15 August

    I absolutely love that idea. How special it would be for the mama to be!

  7. bianca

    16 August

    This melts my heart! So precious…

  8. Hana

    17 August

    Oh, I think this is such a great idea. I love that all these beautiful wishes were made for the baby even before his arrival – and that they’ve been recorded to treasure always. Very special. H xo

  9. Katie Kotowski

    3 January

    I just stumbled across this and LOVE it! I’d love to create it. Any idea how it was printed? The tree looks like felt! Any ideas?

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