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Reason to celebrate – fun and festive cascarones

Inside: We are talking about how to make Cascarones and if you aren’t in the mood to make, we have the best place to buy Cascarones!

With Easter quickly approaching I am so excited about starting one of our favorite DIY traditions, Cascarones! They are so fun and such a festive way to celebrate the holiday! Today I want to show you exactly how to make them!

how to make cascarones

You might be asking yourself “What are Cascarones?”

They are brightly colored or decorated eggshells that are filled with festive and fun confetti! Cascarones are usually used typically around Easter for all your spring celebrating. You can see them being made by children to even sometimes elaborate hand-painted masterpieces. And this year by YOU with this easy DIY. Here are a few of my favorite ways to decorate the outside of your eggs, these pompom inspired decorations and here is a full list of the most well-designed eggs!

What are cascarones

How to make Cascarones

There are several different methods on how to make these fun eggs, here is a paper mache version we made a few years back! We have also seen where you can use real eggs, Here is how you can create those:

  1. Take your raw egg and poke a small hole at the top and bottom, using a pin.
  2. Then carefully blow out the insides of the egg and rinse out the egg.
  3. Let the egg dry completely.
  4. Then make your hold just a tad bit bigger by picking the shell carefully.
  5. Fill with fun confetti and decorate the outside!

Fun Easter Eggs

Not looking to DIY, here is where you can buy Cascarones!

If you’re not looking to make this festive Easter DIY,  and would rather buy Cascarones instead. We found some really awesome premade Cascarones here!

Photography by Abby Powell for Abby try again.


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