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reason to celebrate | creme brulee

reason to celebrate | creme brulee

Happy Monday! I had a fun weekend in San Fransisco with friends. While frolicking around the city we stopped by to see The Creme Brulee Man and had the most heavenly treat. He runs a pop up dessert shop and announces on twitter each day where he will be serving at. So fun! Plus he is available for hire in the bay area as a fresh option for wedding/party desserts this spring.

Photo by Vanessa Brunner.



  1. Katie

    18 April

    Pretty much brilliant! Love it!

  2. Catherine

    18 April

    What a wonderful idea, now I’m hungry :)

  3. Jessica

    18 April

    Breaking into creme brulee is one of life’s best pleasures.

  4. jenn

    18 April

    Creme brulee in a cart? Brilliant! That would be an amazing feature at a wedding!

  5. Brilliant, is right! Too bad we’re a little too far south…my husband LOVES creme brulee and I’ve never been able to master it myself!

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