reason to celebrate | figs and wine

I just love the collection making up Lana’s sweet dinner party. Figs drizzled in honey, open bottles of wine, tea cups filled with flowers, really good cheese and condiments wrapped in brown paper with sharpie written labels. Together they make the perfect pairings for a fall evening dinner party.


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Posted October 06, 2011
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7 Responses to “reason to celebrate | figs and wine”

  1. What a beautiful table! The colours are so peaceful and pretty.

  2. Lena says:

    Oh, how delicious! And the table is simply stunning!

  3. Ana says:

    My mouth is watering.

  4. Supal says:

    tis the season! Figs are truly amazing, and I’m loving the purple in this!

  5. sissi says:

    this looks like a wonderful summer party!

  6. fiona lynne says:

    I love fig season! We visited my mum this weekend and she made us baked figs with honey… my husband said they’d be even better with your favourite liquor drizzled over too ;)

    I LOVE the brown paper label idea. I’ve been looking for a good way of labeling all my jars without too much effort, and this may just be it!

  7. Tamara says:

    This looks heavenly. I’m planning at wine and cheese night. And I’m definitely throwing in some figs drizzled in honey. Yum