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reason to celebrate | a glitter wall

reason to celebrate | a glitter wall

I definitely need an entire wall filled with warmth and glitter. A glitter wall. It would be the perfect backdrop to just about anything and all the decoration a summer party would need.

Here is what I am thinking; paint a large piece of wood a lovely warm color, spray with adhesive glue and glitter away. After it dries, rest your masterpiece up beside the festivities and watch the sun bounce off of it in a million sparkly pieces.

Gorgeous work by photographer Aaron Ruell.


  1. Wow, that is a really cool idea and much more practical than painting a whole room in glitter like the photos–hope you are having a great day!

  2. Laurel G

    12 May

    wow! can you imagine the great bokeh photos you could take?!

  3. Gloria

    12 May

    so gorgeous!! now if only i could convince my husband that a glitter wall would be totally manly to have in the house :-)

  4. lizzie

    12 May

    oh man, a GLITTER wall. that sounds awesome. as long as that glitter was STUCK to the wall and not all over pets, floors, hair….because it could quickly be House of Glitter You Can’t Escape.

    • Victoria

      12 May

      HA! No, I don’t think it would be a practical “live with everyday piece” but for a special occasion it would be magnificent. I am always willing to vacuum if it means a beautiful party:)

  5. Lena

    12 May

    Oh my, how stunning! And that King Charles spaniel? I’m sold!

  6. wow a glitter wall… is it practical in a real home… i imagine vacuuming a lot for some reason

    its lovely though

  7. Hope

    12 May

    That is amazing.

  8. OOH! This is so completely and utterly fabulous. Love!

  9. Ivy

    12 May

    Oooh…I love this idea. I need a glitter wall for sure! I know my daughter would be all for it! ;)

  10. I would suggest applying a coat of white elmers glue on top of the glitter to “set it” that way you won’t have glitter all over your hands when you touch it. Because we all know we do. ;) (how can you resist glitter heaven)

    • Victoria

      12 May

      You are a genius Kelly!!! That is a great solution. Although, it might hinder the sparkle factor just a bit, it would definitely make things much more neat:)

  11. Amanda Joy

    13 May

    That IS incredible! I love it, especially for something temporary.

    I feel like I’ve seen glitter spray…??? Which might not have the same effect, but would be much more practical to make.

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  13. This is my heaven!!!! I would LOVE to have my bedroom painted in glitter! Is this something you can buy just like this or do you have to create it on your own? Either way this is fabulous and can bring a hint of glamour to any room :)

  14. smart! then you wouldn’t have to deal with your husband poo-pooing a permanent glitter wall :)

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