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reason to celebrate | motorhome games

reason to celebrate | motorhome games

When I think of everyday spaces to celebrate in, nothing seems more promising than a motorhome. Jessica found a vintage one to redesign and I adore her simple celebratory touches. Wouldn’t you love to spend an afternoon playing games at this table while driving down a back country road?

Photography by Jessica.


  1. Brett Bralley

    17 October

    LOVE it. I think I need some chevron curtains!:)

  2. Supal

    17 October

    the curtains and chalkboard are my fav!

  3. hena tayeb

    17 October

    Only if it’s this pretty.

  4. Lena

    17 October

    Those little details are just darling-how fun!

  5. The ultimate design challenge… and it’s adorable! -Steph

  6. Liz

    18 October

    I’m going on a fun trip with friends this weekend and we are doing it cabin style. This reminds me of the fun that will be had but I think this moterhome looks nicer!

  7. We are thinking of buying an RV next summer. This decor is beautiful. Thoughts of decorating a new RV may carry me through a Canadian winter!

  8. Stephie

    19 October

    Great post Victoria! I must admit that I have “Caravan Fever” too – I so want one! Gorgeous fitout, I love it. Stephie x

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