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reason to celebrate | paper star

This star is made with cut down toilet paper rolls and paint. WOW!  Beautiful temporary wall art that has prompted about a million ideas in my head. I will start saving my rolls now… Easy to do since we are right in the middle of potty training x2 around here.

Photo by Erika.

PS. Paper balls for Christmas!



  1. Jessica@TWB

    22 August

    Wow this is a visual stunner. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So simple and so beautiful — what a creative use for something so readily thrown away! I’ll have to be better about keeping them (and the paper towel rolls, too!). I can see some mighty fine Christmas crafts coming in my future…

  3. I LOVE this!! It’s very inspired!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rebecca

    22 August

    Wow, beautiful! My grandparents have vintage Christmas tree decorations made out of toilet paper rolls. One year early in their marriage, they had no money for ornaments and made them…and now these are our favorite! :)

  5. Happenstance

    22 August

    Wow, this is really cool and so very doable! Ha, we’re about to embark on potty training over here too:)

    • Erika

      22 August

      Thanks for the nice post about my cardboard tube star! I’m glad you liked it, and would love to see what you create.

  6. I wouldn’t have known these were made from tissue rolls if you hadn’t mentioned! This is really beautiful, and so creatively done! :)

  7. Monica

    23 August

    Omgosh forgot you have twins! Good luck with the potty training! :o) I can’t wait to see what you make!!

  8. bianca

    25 August

    This is fabulous! I love it :)

  9. Masha

    23 September

    Hey, this is gorgeous! Did you just use regular school glue to put them together?

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  11. Kinsey

    7 November

    Ooooo with Christmas coming up you could probably also cut up the tubes from wrapping paper!

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  14. Louise

    23 November

    Hi, I love this!! How did you paint them?

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  16. Melissa

    16 February

    Do you have instructions on how to do this?

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  18. Peggy Banks

    17 March

    Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, Stopping by to let you know you’ve been featured at

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