reason to celebrate | salted stationary • A Subtle Revelry

reason to celebrate | salted stationary

reason to celebrate | salted stationary

I designed these salted stationary cards earlier this spring for Project Wedding. Place cards with salt sprinkles are a cute way to set table for your next dinner party or wedding. Painting with salt is so easy! The project could also be recreated to make banners or pictures with your kids for a lazy long summer afternoon.

Photos by Carly Taylor for a subtle revelry, see the complete instructions here.



  1. Stephie

    29 June

    So cute Victoria! I love the banner for Denver in the previous post too! Thanks for sharing, Stephie x

  2. Bianca

    29 June

    How adorable!

  3. Rebecca

    29 June

    These are a great idea. Wonderful styling in the photos – love the purples!

  4. domestikate

    29 June

    ooh, very clever and very pretty!

  5. Those look great! This also strikes me as a great kids project since it is sort of “magic” the way the design appears :)

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