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water can dressings

After reading a few lucky blogger’s raves about Terrain this last week, I had to peek into their new collection. While browsing I happened upon this very pretty watering can. Although, I would never think to buy a pure polished copper watering can, it did spark an idea…

I used our own (not so pretty, but clean) watering can to douse out a bit of dressing on an afternoon snack. Splendid! It worked and made a simple snack seem quite festive. It would be an adorable idea for a shower, or in multiples on tables for a spring wedding, even for tomorrow nights late summer dinner party (so fun!). I’m off to find myself much prettier cans to set out on the table.


  1. bianca

    16 August

    What a cute idea! I have seen some adorable watering cans, but this black thumb would never think of why I would need to own one. Love it!

  2. Lena

    16 August

    This is such a darling little can, and it’s just perfect for dressings! What a divine addition to a snack!

  3. Rebecca

    17 August

    The dressing must look so pretty flowing through the watering can holes!!! But be careful…you know how a lot of products say “not for food” etc.?

    • Victoria

      17 August

      Rebecca, good call! That is an important issue when using “things” for food service.

  4. Deb

    8 September

    WOW -I recently bought this very watering can at a second hand store for $10.00 – pricey for a used can, but knew this one was special! I have not, however, used it for salad dressing, although it’s small enough and certainly lovely enough to be table- worthy!

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