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reason to celebrate | with a bow

reason to celebrate | with a bow

This is brilliant… pretty dress, clear bag, big bow! A perfect Valentine for your guy.

Photo via Style bubble


  1. Josie

    23 January

    What a fun idea. As long as you have someone to tie you into it!

  2. Seriously? This is by far the most amazing present ever. Our men are so lucky haha.

  3. My husband would get such a kick out of this if I did it! Love the idea.

  4. Kelly

    23 January

    Am I the only one hyperventilating thinking about being “trapped” in that bag? No? Just me? ;)

    • Emily

      9 February

      All I could think was “didn’t their mother teach them to NEVER put a plastic bag over their head! lol safety first.

  5. Lena

    23 January

    What an impossibly festive photo!

  6. Stephie

    23 January

    Such a cool idea – I hope there are air holes! Stephie x

  7. Rach

    23 January

    Haha! Fun idea!

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