Recap 2012: Favorite Decor Projects • A Subtle Revelry

Recap 2012: Favorite Decor Projects

Recap 2012: Favorite Decor Projects

Celebrating well at home is something I’ve worked on my entire adult life. Festive home decor is a major area where you will see A Subtle Revelry grow in 2013. I have many projects, series, and ideas waiting to be shared! In the meantime, here are my favorites for the home from 2012.

Simple and spectacular; these gold frosted bowls will center any table of a home in a glittery, festive style.

The faux cut glass lanterns are a great example of making simple updates for a more stylish space (even outdoors).

I was over the moon to share this gorgeous paper floral candleabra that Brittany created for us. It will immediately brighten up a shelf at home.

DIY concrete Candles were a favorite project last spring. I’m still dying to make them in a huge mass. It would be an affordable way to make a powerful design statement.

These custom fabric vases with download fabric pattern will bring your mismatched vases back to life.

A DIY table top grill that I still use and love – for small patios and intimate meals at home.

In March I recovered my sofa in a pretty avocado and we had a little house tour over at Design Sponge. Funny note: right after the tour, I changed so many of the pieces in my house and ended up with a much quieter space.

This fabric tape DIY project is great for brightening up the office or holding up a wall of flowers.

In early summer, I took the embroidery trend and a drill bit to update our patio table.

Then we built an ice cream cart and had a blast BBQing at home with good friends.

We spent time this summer building an a-frame tent to picnic under at sunset.

I made a big heart out of confetti for the wall above our little desk.

I also updated our family photo wall with the awesome new photo wall decals from our long time sponsor Pinhole Press.

We ended the year on a simple note with these easy DIY paper lanterns. They are a simple and pretty instillation to make this winter.

See more home decor projects here and the entire 2012 recap.

  1. Tiffany

    2 January

    Love all of these!!

  2. Gloria

    2 January

    These are all such fun and creative projects – that paper floral candelabra is just stunning!

    • Victoria

      2 January

      Gloria, I know right! The project takes a couple hours work, but is so worth it to brighten up before spring!

  3. love that green sofa and would spend many hours in that gorgeous tent. Happy new year!! Looking forward to keeping up with your creativity in 2013.

  4. Everything is gorgeous and fun, but my favorite is that billowy tent!

  5. Kelly

    6 January

    That candelabra is just perfect!

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