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Recreate | Advent wreath

Recreate | Advent wreath

Happy Monday, I am so glad to be back here with you today! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving enjoying rest and time with family. Did you also enjoy your long weekend? Today, I am excited to be kicking off my favorite holiday season of the year! Along with sharing three new Christmas celebration designs, I am also going to be re-sharing a few of the ideas I have created in the past. Today since Advent has officially begun, here is my version of an advent wreath…

Spraying painting a few wine bottles white, adding pretty ribbon and tags with purposeful words is all you need to create a sweet candle holding wreath for your table. If you celebrate Advent, it is traditional to light one candle each Sunday with the center candle being lite on Christmas.

Advent is an important season to our family so on top of the festive celebrations we also take a short time each week to light the candles and focus on the importance Christmas holds for us. I am so looking forward to our comfy family Sunday’s of candle lighting and cookie eating this month. Do you celebrate with any special traditions?

PS. The DIY challenge gift guide will be up next today.



  1. Gaby

    29 November

    I love that idea of painting the bottles for decoration, I will be making that for sure ;) thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Radish

    29 November

    How great someone else participates in Advent. These candles are wonderful and I am going to Pin it and put it on my Facebook.

  3. April

    30 November

    My family does this too. It’s lovely. We also still get advent calendars. It’s like I’m perpetually young……and spoiled rotten. :)

  4. Stephanie

    1 December

    This is so beautiful Victoria. What a great idea! Stephie x

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