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recreate | cotton tails

recreate | cotton tails

Hoping you had a happy weekend, mine was filled with sugared high kids and lots of Easter joy. We attended a play-date hosted by Carly on Friday. She had each mom bring a special toy to fill up Easter baskets for all the kids, such an easy idea that I am totally stealing next year! Paige brought these sweet little homemade cotton tails that my bunnies just loved hopping around in.

To recreate; cut a small circle of felt and glue a handful of cotton balls into it. Glue a thin piece of rope underneath the cotton for tying. So sweet, and now you are already ahead for next years celebration:)

My little girl, photographed by Carly.

PS. We had another panini bar for brunch yesterday, which is now an official Hudgins Easter tradition. It was an easy and a joyful way to celebrate with a group of friends.



  1. very married

    25 April

    such an easy way to add a little cuteness to your life! i’m sure the bunnies really were hopping around :)

  2. domestikate

    25 April

    Oh wow, this is super cute!

  3. HAHA! ADOREable.

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