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recreate | handkerchief invitations

recreate | handkerchief invitations

These handkerchief invitations designed by Kelli Anderson are my new absolute favorite! For a wedding they are so special. They would also be a unique addition for a milestone birthday, anniversary party, or baby shower.

I love the idea of having a map printed on them, it would also be sweet to track the journey of a couples life or a parents accomplishments. Don’t you think a tongue and cheek version would be fun for a baby shower, tracking the (oh so fabulous) weekly developments of a pregnancy? Any way you make them I really adore the sweet sentiment they bring.

An easy DIY way to recreate a version of these invitations would be to stamp blank handkerchiefs with words using a tube of fabric paint, or you could transfer images onto the squares of fabric via a printer instructions here. If you really want to make the invitations look professional, having the images sent in and then printed would be a nice touch see here.

Photos of Kelli Anderson’s work, via graphic exchange.



  1. Ana

    7 July

    I adore this.

  2. Kelly

    7 July

    Love this – what a great find! Hope you are doing well + getting settled in to your new spot. :-)

  3. Lena

    7 July

    What a gorgeous invitation-I love this!

  4. Monica

    7 July

    These are beautiful!

  5. Rebecca

    7 July

    Fantastic idea!

  6. Wow! What cute invitations, and your DIY instructions sound like something I might actually be able to do :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Liz

    8 July

    These are darling! I love the idea!

  8. Lynn

    8 July

    they are adorable, retro and magnificent! thank you so much for sharing this really rad creation.

  9. Laura

    21 July

    hmmm… those looks screen-printable! What a great idea :)

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