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recreate | masked wrapping paper

recreate | masked wrapping paper

A care package wrapped up in masking tape. What a fabulously easy and fun way to give a gift at your next celebration! Write out your words with masking tape onto craft paper before wrapping your present up. Attach a small tag so your recipient knows to unravel the statement.

Photography and concept by Tokketok


  1. Nuha

    21 February

    how cute!! I’ve heard of stamping your wrapping paper, but this is better bc you don’t have to worry about smudges!

  2. Stephie

    21 February

    Very sweet and pink – must be for me! Stephie x

  3. Rach

    21 February

    So smart! Love this idea!

  4. toΓ±i

    21 February

    lovely blog!! it’s so cute!!so nice..precioso, i folow you from spain

  5. debbie

    21 February

    That is so cute and creative. Love it!

  6. very married

    22 February

    where do you get that cute masking tape? a craft store like Michaels?

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