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Recreate project, paper bag Advent

Recreate project, paper bag Advent

I am busy at work this weekend preparing oddles of holiday goodies that will be here to inspire you soon, including an advent calendar I have been dreaming about for months! I’ve even enlisted the help of Sufjan to get me in the Christmas mood.

In the meantime here is an Advent Calendar that you absolutely cannot go wrong with… It is so simple and pure genius!

To recreate: Grab a pack of paper bags, stamp numbers onto the front and tie off the tops with pretty twine- don’t forget to stash a little goody inside each one. You could stuff them in a suitcase like Anette did above or send them off in lunch boxes for school age children.

Photos and project design via Anetteshus



  1. While I was working on my holiday line I had to bust out some Sufjan too :) These are super cute and I can’t wait to see what you are crafting up for the holidays!

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  3. Cecilia

    5 November

    Hallo… Visit my blog… A prize for you from Italy!!!


  4. Lena

    5 November

    LOVE this idea! How wonderful!

  5. What a neat idea! I love this! I remember Advent calenders from when I was a little girl and they were so special.

  6. Karen

    6 November

    Love Advent calendars! Especially more sophisticated ones – the ones from childhood always had waxy, sort of stale chocolates waiting each day.

    Why don’t we have calendars that have surprise treats for every day of the year?!

  7. This is such a great idea…so much better than the store-bought made-in-China ones my in-laws buy the kids every year! Definitely a project I’ll attempt….thanks for sharing!

  8. domestikate

    6 November

    Ooh I love it – so simple but so beautifully effective!

  9. Sandy a la Mode

    8 November

    this is such a great idea!! soo pretty and useful!

  10. Marina

    18 November

    So simple and yet beautifull. Annette is always so inspiring.

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  14. Penny

    11 November

    What did you put inside these??

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