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reece’s pieces s’mores

Nothing says summer quite like the joy of cooking s’mores by a fire. Whether you are gathering with a couple friends in the backyard or hosting a massive wedding on the beach they are the most iconic sweet of the season and will have your guests relaxed and happy in minutes.

The dessert becomes even more special when paired with Reece’s Pieces and peanut butter (YUM!). When serving set the combination out on simple kitchen cloths and be sure to have plenty of ingredients for multiple helpings.

Photography by Athena Plichta

PS. If you don’t have a fire pit, or large outdoor space try these DIY tabletop grills. Line a long table with them for easy marshmallow roasting.


  1. Liz

    17 May

    I love Reeses! What a fun idea for s’mores.

  2. Christi

    17 May

    OH MY. I know what I’m getting at the store today ;) Great idea, and as always, the pictures are so lovely.

  3. O. MY. GOODNESS! Those look divine! Thanks for sharing. ~ Caryl

  4. YUM! These look divine ;)

  5. Gloria

    17 May

    Why has it never crossed my mind to do this?!

  6. Sarah

    17 May

    Wow i love this idea and I LOVE how you styled the food. The photography is amazing!

    – Sarah

  7. I just visited your page looking for a few blogs…. this looks completely delicious !! Your photos are also excellent quality… Makes me hungry :)

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  9. Johanna

    18 May

    I can’t wait to teach my daughter all about the magic of smores. Bring on the summer! And I love those simply kitchen towels…I stock up on them wherever I go!

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  11. Jenny

    18 May

    Those look yummy! Our favorite smores are made with chewy chocolate chip cookies and roasted marshmallows. Mmm!
    Happy Summer!!

  12. Cassidy

    18 May

    These look so good!

  13. Monica

    18 May

    These look delish! Gotta make sure I take some Reese’s with us when we go camping in a few weeks!! :)

  14. Oh wow! They look amazing! I’m ready to go camping now!

  15. shalini

    19 May

    What a nice twist to the traditional smores! Great idea.

  16. heidi

    19 May

    It looks so yummy:)

  17. Ana

    21 May

    I could live on this. Really.

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