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How to roll anything in sprinkles

I know today is a holiday, but I couldn’t resist sharing this fun way to sweeten up treats for an upcoming party, a friend’s birthday, or a festive Thursday night. Roll your food, roll your cups, roll your vegetables and even treats in colorful sprinkles! You can roll basically anything in sprinkles, have you ever tried?

They add a bright festive vibe and extra sweet taste to whatever you are serving. My favorite foods to roll in sprinkles are oreos, bananas and avocados (the kids love this one!). To easily roll any type of food: use a finger to place a small dab of water around the whole surface, then roll in a shallow plate filled with sprinkles. If store bought sprinkles are not your thing, remember this recipe to make your own sprinkles.

Styling by Carter & Cook Event Co., photography by Anika London Photography for A Subtle Revelry.

  1. Angela

    22 January

    Everyones life can do with more sprinkles, right? :-)

  2. Lena

    22 January

    An ice cream sandwich with sprinkles is in order!

  3. Holli Anne

    22 January

    I don’t know if I can adequately express how much I LOVE sprinkles! So in turn, I love this post!

  4. Chrystina

    22 January

    I’ve been telling people for years that the point of ice cream is to be the glue to hold all of my sprinkles together.

  5. Liz

    28 January

    My husband has a childhood obsession with sprinkles. He would love this!

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