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rolling of the cheese

My love for Italy seems to grow each time I find out more about their celebrations. During Easter every year masses of people congregate in Pasquetta, for The Ruzzolone (the rolling of the cheese). Instead of egg hunts, they roll nine pound rounds of Pecornio cheese down the streets. Completely fabulous!

Via The New York Times

PS. Fun Easter posts coming up from our weekend mini-celebration.



  1. Lena

    11 April

    Love this-so much fun!

  2. Stephie

    12 April

    How funny! I would love to see this but I couldn’t live without my Easter eggs! Glad you had a great birthday. Hugs, Stephie x

  3. Lisa

    12 April

    Haha ahhh! The Italians just always seem to get things right :)

  4. cathy

    12 April

    Amazing! I must visit Italy :-)

  5. That wheel o’ cheese can just be rolled right into my house.

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