Runway to reality- Vases

Inspiration is so easily found from the beautiful designs that come off the decorating runways. Designs that are seamless, gorgeous and frankly, well outside of my event design budget. Take this amazing vase centerpiece spotted featured in this month’s Real Simple magazine-

(lekker home)

A beauty for sure, yet at $365 well beyond the bridal shower throwing budget.

There was a point where this made me want for more money to buy these beauties. Now, more often then not, I simply take a good look and figure out how to make it myself.

Porcelain vase centerpiece, you can make it-

For this project I used 15 bud vases. Mine were bought at the local Ikea for $.79 each. I began by setting up the bottom layer of nine vases on a serving platter.

I stacked the second row of five vases, hotgluing the vase bottoms to the tops that were already in place and let dry.

Then I built up the center of the sculpture one vase higher. Having three vases stacked in the center gives this sculpture a really beautiful line.

It was an easy and lovely way to showcase a frugal grocery store bouquet and make a statement on our recent Bridal Shower Tasting Bar. Total project cost- (Sculpture- $13, Flowers- $4)

These vase sculptures would be so lovely on any spring-party-wedding table. I am imagining them made as center pieces spread about a room done in all hot pink peonies. How lovely it is to enjoy spring!


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