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Sharpie Scripted Pillows

Sharpie Scripted Pillows

Sleep tight and rest your eyes on a love note with these simple sharpie scripted pillows. They are a pretty way to celebrate love, home and those special moments of rest we all treasure. The pillows are currently adorning our bed and make me smile every time I lay down. They are the type of little detail I get excited about, to make our home feel lived in and loved.

To make the scripted pillows use simple white cotton or jersey pillowcases and a sharpie made for fabric. The fabric sharpies have a great look and sustain the washing machine with no smudges (score!). Use a favorite poem, or print a simple saying in consecutive lines along the entire width of the pillow.

Photography done in collaboration with Pictilio.

  1. Ann

    16 April

    Cute – or your vows to each other!

    • Victoria

      16 April

      Vows would be so sweet Ann! Or a note to the kids for their beds. Hmmm – I might need to make more of these:)

  2. Cassidy

    17 April

    Fun idea! I’m not sure I could convince my husband to write, but it may be worth doing both myself :)

  3. Vicki

    17 April

    Oh my gosh! I completely love this idea! I am going to run out and gather supplies.

  4. OMG I love this idea!!!!!

  5. christine andersen

    17 April

    Do not breathe the marker fumes.

  6. Trih

    18 April

    This is SO cool! This would make a great gift. )

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  9. Hello,
    I was wondering if you used a special fabric sharpie with the brush tip or the regular kind of sharpie?

    • MsThang

      12 April

      Read the article! She said a Fabric Sharpie!

  10. Trina

    15 August

    I love words, I love textiles, and, like you, I love making my home feel like a place where people and comfort are treasured. Thanks for sharing your rendition of these pillow cases. So sweet and they turned out great. It must’ve been a bit of a challenge to keep your handwriting in a straight line. ;)

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  12. Alanna

    13 September

    This is fantastic!! Dying to do this…I wonder if they have colored sharpie fabric markers…


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  18. etherapi

    24 July

    Its a cool idea. I love this.

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  22. Debbie

    21 February

    I wrote the vow we wrote for each other on a set of pillow cases I plan to tuck them away and get them back out to use the month we were married in.

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