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secret note seating cards

My latest D.I.Y. for Project Wedding involves handing each of your guests a little secret note along with their seating assignment. It would be a fun something extra for any party, especially a dinner party amongst friends. Little insights to let each guest know they are special to you! Simply write out a note and stick it in a pretty envelope. Place the notes in bright candy bowls for an extra sweet touch.


  1. Rach

    8 February

    Aww, that is sweet!

  2. Nicole

    9 February

    That’s such a sweet idea! I love that it would make everybody feel a little special, gotta remember this one!

  3. Stephie

    9 February

    What a cute idea Victoria and I love the colour combination in the photo. I hope you are feeling better :) Stephie x

  4. Maja

    9 February

    what a lovely idea! I have to rememer this!
    thanks for sharing,

  5. Tiffany

    9 February

    What a great idea!

  6. GawgusThings

    9 February

    This is such a cute idea and your blog is looking amazing!

    Emma x

  7. That is a lovely idea and so pretty too!

  8. Liz

    10 February

    This is so fun!

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