selfie hot potato party game

Selfie hot potato - fun party game!

Last time we had a group of friends over, we played this new party game and it was such a hit! Pretty sure it will become my go-to for all showers, parties etc from here on out. The game is a version of hot potato, but so much more fun because it includes taking and posting selfies! We all had a blast playing.

Selfie hot potato - fun party game!

To play the game have everyone sit around the room and place someone in charge of the music. Remember hot potato from when you were young? Instead of passing a potato around, you pass your phone. Everyone has to take a selfie as they go. When the music stops, whoever has the phone in hand must post the selfie they just took. It would be extra fun to make a party hashtag to go along with the game.

We all got a kick out of watching our friends pose their own selfies (I mean isn’t that always hilarious?!?). Would you try it? Your friends might want to punch you, but it’s seriously a hoot.

Photos of me taking a selfie by Jocelyn Noel Photography.

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