Seven years ago today... • A Subtle Revelry

Seven years ago today…

Seven years ago today…

I held these flowers…

Stood in this church…

Sat on this couch laughing with friends…

Danced this waltz, choreographed by my husband…

Took over this store and treated our guests to our favorite drinks in lieu of a cocktail hour…

… and married this Mr. Right!

A 7 year lapse may be the cause of a few out-of-date design elements but thankfully there are certain things like fists full of peonies, coffee & true love that seem to never go out of style. :)

  1. Missy

    31 May

    You were gorgeous that day and gorgeous today! Enjoy! Celebrate! See you in 46 days!

  2. Marilyn

    31 May

    Happy Anniversary to You and Matt. Love

  3. chelsea

    31 May

    Congrats! Wow! 7 years! That’s amazing. :)

  4. Lore

    31 May

    Today is also our 7 year anniversary! Happy Anniversary to you guys!

  5. Kim

    31 May

    Cute post! Love seeing the pics since we didn’t know you back then :-) Also, love the pic of Mr. Right – priceless!

  6. Kim

    31 May

    p.s. Why is “Starbucks Coffee” and the logo backwards? Just curious!

  7. Anne

    31 May

    Happy Anniversary.

  8. Vicky

    31 May

    Thanks you guys:) We are celebrating next weekend with 3 full days alone (no babies) I cannot wait!

    Kim, That is so funny- I’ve honestly never noticed it before (crazy!) I am assuming it has something to do with the original images being made digital because the store was certainly not backward. So weird.

  9. so, so sweet! congrats on a wonderful anniversary. xxo!

  10. Um, Starbucks instead of cocktail hour!!! Amazing. If you weren’t already married, that would make me want to marry you. :)


  11. Congratulations! The Starbucks idea was brilliant.

  12. Charise Christianson

    5 April

    Darling photos!!! And I agree the Starbucks idea was totally brilliant!!

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  14. you are just the cutest. Long live pretty things and love. Congrats on your anniversary!

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